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  1. Thanks Joe, very appreciated! I love when people give also "negative but constructive" feedback, helps improving Yeah, about Turkcell, I know, it's nothing great, if you look at the complete animation it passed through three different animatiors... a bit incongruent. The shots in my reel are mine, of course, but it was almost the first animation I did in Maya, felt proud of it, yet, if I look at it now, it feels too stiff. About the length, yup, maybe you're right, I should have kept it shorter, maybe in the next reel I'll adopt the one minute rule LOL, yeap, I'll stay here in Italy for a while, don't worry... by now!
  2. Hello people! I have a new website and a new reel! You can check it here: http://www.therocketpanda.com/portfolio/showreel Enjoy!
  3. In London, where would you go living if you wanted some kind of residential suburbs? Like... typical two / three floor home, with garden.
  4. LOL! I also sento dozens of mails and received a few answers, but... Since I was not there yet, nobody cared... I've then been told to wait before starting to contact agencies. We'll see... Anyway, seems like UK's a good alternative to the USA, and I'm italian, so I'm part of the european community YAY!
  5. yup, that's my thought too, client works are worth 100 times student works. Very interesting to know, I was always attracted to Canada too, seems like a good place to stay.
  6. Yes, anyone know about going to Canada? What about you Mografik? I've heard Vancouver is a very nice city to live in, but you have to compete with people that come out of Vancouver Film School...
  7. Thanks everyone for the tips and for taking your time to write about your different experiences. Indeed, andypawson's post is more than explanatory, and that merely makes everything sound complicated and harder than I could imagine... Not sure what you mean here... Maybe you meant that you actually need to have a degree or equivalent to be considered...? I noticed a lot of studios ask for a graphic or similar degree... Also it seems like if you're single, it's kind of easier... I'd try, believe me, I'd really try and go there, I really WANT to work in the U.S. and, usually, when I really want something, I will do anything to get it. The problem is I'm not single, and how would my girlfriend reach me there? I would do anything to work in the US but I can't oblige her to go through all the process as I would... Seems there's not much of a choice... oh, and I don't have 150.000 bucks under the matress unfortunately....
  8. Yup, SF is one of my targets too... I'll try to tell you what I've heard about how to get there and work: the best way to get a work in the US is to work in your country to gain enough money to "survive" for the first three months, during wich you won't be able to work (officially) because of the tourist visa, After that, you'll have to pay a lawyer (around 5000$) to help you with all the paper stuff to get the working visa, you could do it on your own, but I've been told it's crazy bureaucracy... Oh, not to mention you have to leave USA after tourist visa decays. You also have to bring references from your customers as personal "portfolio". Then there's some kind of exams to do, after wich, if you succeed, you get the visa, if you don't... you get back. That's what I've been told from a friend that knows a guy in NY, but I'm waiting to have a skype call with him, hopefully soon, to get the details. Sounds crazy huh? It IS crazy.
  9. The same reason I want to leave fancy sharing a flat? (want to move this discussion on that thread? http://mograph.net/b...showtopic=26186 )
  10. the first friend of mine told me he had dozens of job interviews. Everyone was interested in his skills, as he's really good, the problem was that they all told him "ok, we're really interested, so please come back when you have a working visa". That's all you need. And it's freaking difficult to get.
  11. I want to leave to get to the US too... Actually I have two italian friends that left for NY from Italy. One of them is a very good art director with many years of experience. The other one is an average guy that wasn't particularily skilled. The first guy had to spend the three months of tourist visa doing nothing but spending a lot for a living. Then after a lot of bureaucracy, a lot of money for a lawyer who helped him with all the papers, leaving and coming back a few times, he managed to get a visa. I'll try to skype him again soon so he'll explain me better. What about the second guy? Well... He married an american girl less than a year after getting there! By the way if you people want we can use this thread here for this discussion: http://mograph.net/b...showtopic=26186
  12. Hello everyone, following a small discussion on this thread http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=26183 and from a Daveglanz idea, I'm writing you to ask about your personal experience if you left your country for the USA to work there as motion graphics designer. I'm also writing to know if there are people planning to do that, and how hard they think this might be. I'd also like to leave Italy for the US but I'm scared about these few things: vacation visa / job visa / green card / bureaucracy / cost of life / language difficulties / anything else? In case US residents want to give any kind of advice, they're welcome!
  13. Hi Encity! That's a nice reel, I like your compositing skills, I liked a lot the green screen scene with the car destroying the wall All in all, great post effects, not overused and sleek and then simple, yet effective 3D. Best thing was the opening / closing logo animation. Smooth and nice. I found two things I didn't like: at 00:30 there's a starglow effect used as default with its green/red light, wich I personally hate. I can't understand why trapcode set the default color to be that ugly... Other than that, it looks quite bad on the scene... at 01:10 I didn't like the parchuting guy... I mean, with all the good things in the reel, did you really need to add that 4 seconds of animation that isn't even comparable to the rest of the higher level works? Good job!
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