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  1. I'm also with the Monkey on this one. I'll flip burgers and dig ditches before I collect unemployment. It'd be easier for me to sleep at night.
  2. Here you go. The Great Owen Chika Boom Boom made this one. http://chika-yeah.com/ Download it here.... http://db.tt/2uoBIqtZ
  3. You can put a checkbox on a layer in one composition, and link the layer/s you want to turn on and off to it from another composition. Apply this expression to the opacity of the layers you want to control..... (rename the comps and layers of course) if(comp("Comp 01").layer("Adjustment Layer").effect("Checkbox Control")("Checkbox") > 0) {100} else {0};
  4. Dir. One In Three Artist: Wild Beasts Video Here This the one?
  5. vurb

    Reflect Script

    It will accurately reflect multiple layers at once. It will also reflect Particular layers.
  6. vurb

    Reflect Script

    Hey Guys, We've finally finished our reflection script for AE CS4+. Have a look and let us know what you think. Muchas gracias, Vurb Download Here
  7. vurb

    Free Stock

    Hey Guys, We're giving away $250 in stock to all members on our site if we can gain 100 new members this month. There are only 2 days left! We only need another 15. Vurb.tv Also, our new Reflect script will be available soon. We'll post it here when it is. -V
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