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    Creative: Matte Painting, Projection mapping, Special Fx
    Other: Music, Sport (running, swimming), True blood :-), Travel, Hanging out with a bunch of friends

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    i'm a motion designer in Belgium. I have medium skills in 3D modeling & animating.<br />but my preference goes out to matte painting, set extensions, tracking and compositing.<br /> <br />Still, I love Visual effects and motion graphics. Learning new techniques every day, and being inspired by all this great work out there!
  1. Thank you all for your nice comments! Any suggestions,critique?
  2. Hi all, Anyone knows how to change your name on the forum? Apparently my alter ego/artistname I use now is an underwear model or something like that, so since this has nothing to do with my job, I deceided to skip the alter ego/artistname and use another one, or maybe just my real name . Is that possible, or do I have to make a new account? Greetz! J
  3. Hi, We used Cinema 4d (for the 3D,done by our specialist Marijn Raeven) and After Effects (for rotoscoping). Except for Dpit effects and plants for the growing plants and the liquid, everything was done without plugins. Greetz! J
  4. Hi all, We just finished a motion graphics animation for the Belgian Development Cooperation. It was really nice to work for a good purpose :-) If you would be so kind to give us some feedback, would be great! Thx for watching! https://vimeo.com/41348504 Credits: Client: Geronimo / DGD Belgium 3D Animation: Marijn Raeven Post: Jean Pourveur Sound fx: Kwinten Van Laethem Kind Regards, J
  5. Some spills: Creative: think out of the box and in macro layers. For example, if you need to make a design about lights, make a list of 10 things that pop up in your mind when you think of "light". To go macro, take one of these words and write down 5 things that pop up in your mind. Then try to link these with your original subject, in this case "light". Technical: Forums, Twitter, Google,... grtz J
  6. you mean sites where they do CGI/motion graphics competitions right? - greyscalegorilla sometimes does some challenges, like his 5 seconds projects and stuff: http://greyscalegorilla.com/blog/ - CGtalk: http://forums.cgsociety.org/forumdisplay.php?f=197 -3D total: http://forums.3dtotal.com/ These are the most known ones. Grtz J
  7. Mr Scott, I didn't say: If you disable it, your render will be faster. I said that that on my experience, if you want to speed up your render, and you enable it, AE starts to behave strangely. I'm sorry you didn't understand. Maybe my English writing is not very understandable (i'm from Belgium, so that's possible) Grtz J
  8. Just a couple of hints I can give you based on my experience: - Expressions: make them as efficient as possible. To much useless/crappy code takes up render time. Sometimes it's better to convert them to keyframes. Can not give you much details on that, i'm not a super coder. This is, as said, purely based on my experiences. - Encode settings for pre renders: If you go for a proxy, i mostly use pro rezz. Renders quick, and looks quite good. If you go for a true pre-render of your comp to finalize afterwards, take "animation codec" or if you wanna go for professional quality, take an image seq with open EXR (then use 32bit workspace ofcorse). - getting the job done faster: you have a site called aescripts.com, where you have a lot of nice scripts/plugins then can enhance your workflow a lot. Check out keytweak for speeding up your rotoscope/masking/tracking refinement work etc..., mocha import, easywizz and expression timeline (that one is a blast) -rendering: It seems that AE renders faster when you're not previewing the render. Do not activate multiprocessing in your preferences to speed up renders, its does some strange things to your dog. No, just kidding, it just behaves strangely.(blame this bad joke on the wodka). Sometimes it crashes my whole scene, sometimes it renders slower or blocks halfway... Greetz! J
  9. maybe bake the simulation with cappucino, then work with the time track? Just spilling some toughts here.
  10. It's not really offline, but Netvibes (www.netvibes.com) has been really helpfull to me. It's kinda like a dashboard, and you can share your inspiration "boards" with others. Grtz J
  11. Hi, Your problem is that you didn't select "use deformed points" in your point operator in xpresso. This makes sure it uses the right position of your points on your object. Also, make sure if you click on the expresso tag, you set your priority to "generators" to avoid lag. If the lag persists, try to put "401" in to the number field. I have uploaded your "fixed" file on www.labrats.be/fix, as I don't seem to find any "attach file" menu here. Could someone help me out with that? :-) Cheerz! Jason
  12. And we meet again :-) Like I said on your youtube channel, you have my vote! greetz J
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