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  1. Hi, here goes my last work. It's a TV Channel here in Brazil. It is divided in many segments like comedy, travel, music, etc. The one I worked on it's a neutral one. Hope you like it.
  2. faelsb

    What's On

    I can't disagree with at you said joedonaldson. Sometimes we catch ourselves doing things because of the big influence around us. And it has some random elements here like you said. In this animation the idea was to play with camera elements, trying to focus a point that is the logo in the end. And thanks for the compliments.
  3. faelsb

    What's On

    Hey guys, I would like to show the last job I've worked on. https://vimeo.com/70038750
  4. faelsb


    Hi everybody, Just to share one of my recent works. Hope you like it. https://vimeo.com/42054330
  5. Nice reel man! Really professional ... I just didnt like that graffiti part. Its just 4 seconds ... but made stop feeling the video! =)
  6. faelsb

    Some works

    Actually no. The elements are the same used at the website. Maybe can make more sense if you check the website. =) http://www.sinobusiness.bz/
  7. faelsb

    Some works

    Really thanks guys! I was a little worried about it! I know that many things could be better ... but its great to know that I'm going in a good way. =)
  8. Sounds awesome! One of my biggest difficulties as a beginner was to animate something. Lets see with the news enhancements.
  9. faelsb

    Some works

    Thanks man! At these jobs I started giving to some attention to fluidity. It gives a lot of work, but the result is much better.
  10. faelsb

    Some works

    Hi everyone, It's my first post here and nothing better then to show some work. They are already finished, but I good criticism can always help in future projects. Nextel - Ilimitado http://vimeo.com/25095842 Sino Business http://vimeo.com/26696487 Bye
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