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  1. So with some further testing and juggling of various settings I have found that the sub-steps limit has helped enough. A little RSMB will finish the job nicely in AE. Thanks everyone who chipped in advice, I'll post up the renders when I get them all together.
  2. Thanks so much for all of the input. I'm going to revisit this in the morning and see what I can figure out. The final look is to be like dust coming off the tyre of a car and I have it looking so close to right in my actual scene apart from a few of the little puffy bits as seen in the original post. I'll let you know if I get it to work! P
  3. Ok, is there a good way to set that up? I really need the smoke to be havily influended by the movement of the particles.
  4. What should the project steps per frame be set to? Currently it is on 5
  5. The sub-steps limit sounds like it would do the right thing but it doesn't change what I'm seeing. It just slows the sim down a lot. The only think I can see that makes a significant difference is the radius on the Emitter tag.
  6. I'll save a basic project, some of the stuff in there is not really sharable...Where should I actually upload it to?
  7. Changing the radius settings on the Turbulence tag for the emitter seems to have a significant effect but I was hoping to keep that number quite low so the tendrils are narrow.
  8. No you can see it in the viewport as well. Sorry, I know it's early over there...I'm in London :-/
  9. Do you mean the 'Timing' percentage on the simulation? As in it's currently at 100%, maybe try 50%?
  10. Hi guys, Can anyone help me solve an issue I'm having? I have a setup where I'm using a normal emmiter to set off a smoke simulation in Turbulence FD. The problem I'm having is in the initial emission, you can see it in the attached image as dots, appearing like little puffs of smoke rather than the tendrils that they become after a second or two. Has anyone got a solution for this? Is it Voxel size? Or maybe the speed of the initial particle? Any help much appreciated. Thanks, Patrick
  11. Anybody have any other solid examples of the double exposure technique?
  12. I have just started using pinterest which seems decent, I also use designspiration.net for more specific images.
  13. I think the London scene is pretty solid right now. It's worth making a list of the studios who do work you like and think you could contribute too. Then contact them or try and connect with people who work there through an extended network such as LinkedIn. a lot of places don't post jobs and simply work on word of mouth recommendations so if you can find someone who knows someone, it will be a huge help! Good luck!
  14. FXPHD does a pretty good Expressions Bootcamp course.
  15. For stills I use http://designspiration.net you can save things in organized folders as reference.
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