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  1. Thanks for the comments guys. Much appreciated. It's always pretty daunting dropping work on a forum, thanks for making it a good experience ha. Yeah AromaKat, I popped it up a couple of months back
  2. Hi, Here is my first showreel. It contains work in my first year (final year of University) of motion design, which contains D&AD Yellow Pencil winning work, client work and student work. http://vimeo.com/50025527 Would love to know what you think Thanks for watching, Martin
  3. Crasto

    T4 Wake Up Stings

    Thanks guys, much appreciated. I know what you mean Chris about the cut. Ha I ain't a student now, finished 2 weeks ago. Normal life now.
  4. Hey man, thanks. Nah it aint official. I would love it if they were! Just my last student project
  5. Sorry to bring this back up but I have finished a piece I was working on when i started this topic here it is http://vimeo.com/42410787
  6. Hi Guys, I finished this work last week, which is my last piece of student work. First piece of Cel Animation. Basically wanted to people to wake up in a fun, vibrant way with T4. So I have used 3 locations of the daily morning routine. http://vimeo.com/42410787 Let me know what you think. Thanks Martin
  7. Are they grainy/noisey? I had this problem recently overcome it by changing Ray Depth and Shadow Depth from 15 to 6 and the ShadowMin Samples to 15 and Max Samples 75, Accuracy 100, Transparency Checked.
  8. Flash, hand drawn I tried pure illustrator, that seemed a little...off. Also tried pure hand drawn in PS but didn't like it. Takes a bit to get used to though. I have got some sketchbook drawn stuff I need to pop in. Not a very good illustrator tbh so its my weak point, but it suits that T4 piece I'm doing.
  9. Dont blink, and watch in HD. Quick test I did this afternoon.
  10. looking nice that. I'll do some test this week and post them up.
  11. Hey all, trying to get my head around how to achieve this kind of effect? 0:00 - 0:02 Green fluid motion and the smoke, and also 1:29 - 1:32. Love the showreel. I have a project this style would work nicely on, struggling to achieve it. Any tips on where to start? Cheers.
  12. Cheers man, Its my first full C4D project, 'Completed' in a sleepless 5 weeks. I seek to improve it when I get a little bit quieter.
  13. Crasto


    First test with the stylised version, needed to get it out of the viewport for a bit. Boat loads wrong with it at the moment, from Animation/lighting etc ,but you get the jist.
  14. Really nice touch! I struggled on this video with the soft lighting (work in progress) http://vimeo.com/33733026. Ended up using some kind of Sun and lighting, then touching up with some mask's and grads in After Effects.
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