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  1. I solved my own problem. When composing my scene, while in my camera, I moved closer to my objects in the scene which by default zoomed my camera. The solution was to go into Camera / Object and set Zoom to 1 and then scale my scene to fit the camera composition. However, I also found out that the Front Projection camera setting does NOT translate the data to AE. So, if you need external comp tags then you will need to use a perspective camera with a large focal length (something like 175 or 200). J.
  2. Hey Mographers! I have a camera in C4D set to front projection. I can't get the external compositing tags to export correctlly. They are not even in the canvas let alone near their the item they need to be attached too. Anyone know what I'm missing here? Thanks, J.
  3. Hey Everyone, I am moving to Portland now for sure. Will be up there in January 2015 looking for work and a place to live. I visited in August which was really cool. I love it up there. I'm updating my portfolio soon and would be stoked for any updates on open positions in studios. Please let me know if you here of anything. J.
  4. I am also thinking of moving to portland from santa cruz. Worked full time gigs here and in the SF bay area. What are average freelance rates in portland?
  5. I've also been thinking about moving up there from Santa Cruz. Worked in the Bay Area here for a while and I'm burnt on the scene. To many Tech videos. Coming up there for 5 days August 17th - 21st. Would be down for a PDX meet up!
  6. Thank you Simon, The only problem with this set up (and this might be my inexperience with hair) is how to make the objects rectangular (with six sides) rather then scaled at both ends as shown above. If you can generate rectangled objects with hair please explain. I also do not know how to post an image in this forum LOL .
  7. I have a scene with a tracer tracing an emitter. The tracer is then dropped into a sweep nurb in order to texture the trails that tracer creates. I want to add 4 random colors the tracer trails. This seems to be impossible. I've tried dropping the sweep nurbs into a fracture object (set to explode and connect) but that doesn't work in motion. The fracture object freezes my tracers. How else could i add random color to the sweep nurbs that trace multiple emitters? I hope this is enough info. Please help. J.
  8. Thanks RVA8, Thats awesome. I'm still new to expressions, can you write that into a full expression? J.
  9. Hey all, Couldn't find any forum about this. I want to parent a line to rotate with a radial wipe transition. Would be best to attached both to a slider. Any ideas? or Any idea what the expression is to convert 360 rotation to 100%? thank you, J
  10. Where would I place the connect object? I use a tablet. I guess I could change the pen click settings but its so much if a commitment. Haha
  11. Explode and connect doesn't work. I ended making the text and extruded block editable and connecting and deleting it. It took less time then surfing around for a work around. Im still interested in hearing a work around for that kind of thing. I did however stumble across the wonder world of: R-Click / select all children That helped a ton with selecting everything rather then expanding each null and its children. haha. i never knew about that.. All these years wasted. :-(
  12. Hey guys and gals, So im stumped on how to create this random animation without having to do it by hand. The project is as follows: I have extruded text that has been cut up into blocks and each block has a different word on it created with motext. There are about 150 blocks total and each block/text is in their own null. I want to use a plain/random effector to distribute the blocks from the sky to the ground in a stacking order. When I try to set all the blocks in a fracture object and apply the effectors (with fracture object set to explode segments) the text disconnects from its block. Do i really need to connect and delete each block down to one object or is there a work around? Thanks, J
  13. This is a weird problem or maybe not a problem at all but I'm new to C4D. In the display settings in the perspective view window i have it set to Gouraud and Wireframe. But out of the two objects i have only one is showing up as a wireframe and now I can't seem to turn wireframe off. Do you think this is a bug or am I just a super newbie?
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