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  1. Thanks for the critiques guys, as much as I like how the Team Awesome piece came out, maybe it is too similar to the original source... and yea there is some filler in there also, just tried to show as varied a range as possible i guess... Hoping to have more character based animation stuff in there next time
  2. The folklore.... hmmm name sounds familiar... 8D Will check this out!
  3. Very very swet work! Why isn't this in the exceptional reels section? Great work though guys - so envious of your skill
  4. Hi guys! Thought I'd ask for some critique on my recent showreel, what you like, what you hate... how things could be improved - i don't mind harsh criticism at all BRING IT ON! http://cargocollective.com/shabello#1577256/Showreel-2011 Thanks guys ^^
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