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  1. Hm Ill have to experiment. I have seen the effect so much I thought there might be a script or plugin floating around.
  2. My problem was I was bringing my own files into the setup and when I clicked on color to load in my image it turned the material black instantly and wouldn't render out. Wonder if i have to move my own textures to that folder. I don't see why I should need to do that though
  3. I see this effect all over the place and I want to learn how to do it. Ive found two examples. The effect is the animation of the triangle background in Nick piece here: http://www.creamyorange.com/#1536417/OFFF-Year-Zero The second example is in this reel at 22 seconds: http://vimeo.com/20245643 Anyone have any ideas?
  4. This is a bit of a noob question I'm sure. I'm adding objects to the scene and when I do the images loaded into the color and alpha channel will not render. Do i have to set something because the scene is using Global illumination?
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