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  1. My popular Cinema 4D Light Kit is now free to download Use this page to download (no newsletter sign up required) > here ___ Use this page to learn more about the light kit > here Enjoy!
  2. sorry about that - you may download the textures via this secret page
  3. Originally sold for $100, the best selling product from the Motion Squared shop is now free for everyone. Enjoy! Get it here
  4. A while back i gave away my "dm lightkit 2" for free, now its updated and is now Lighkit 3 - Only $24 Use discount code mograph to get it for only $15 but please keep this deal on the down low, thanks. Promo video; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzE4buCIhOg Demo video coming soon Check it out here - http://motionsquared.net/lightkit3/
  5. I would agree with you in most cases but this is Cinema 4D Lighting we are talking about. this was gsg's idea. sure, he capitalised on it but elements from his kit at some level already existed as presets in cinema. he just expanded on that and put a price tag on it. Not gonna lie, my kit is quite similiar to GSG's kit in some areas but I didn't make it to undercut or hurt GSG in anyway.
  6. here you go, http://db.tt/GDRhUOY i'd love some feeback if possible
  7. After purchasing a series of learning resouces about lighting and learning some Xpresso, I decided to make my own lightkit. Its available for purchase on my blog here but I wil give it away for free to anyone who asks for it on this forum. Short Promo Vid Here (Youtube Link) Download it here - use discount code "mograph" without "" to get a full price reduction (100%off basically) Thanks Don M
  8. donm

    Intro Reel

    i bought series of learning resources about lighting, i self taught myself some espresso and decided to make my own light kit. parts of it are similar to the gsg kit but all in all, its a whole new kit.
  9. donm

    Intro Reel

    I am in college because i have to so i can move on to university and do a design degree. thanks for your feedback, much apreciated.
  10. donm

    Intro Reel

    my first reel. a couple of people told me to post my reel on here for the best critique. i am a beginner and my work is not great, which is why I'm here. i do motion design as a hobbie. im 17 years old currently at college. i wanna do a design degree after 1 more year of college. intro reel - http://www.youtube.c...h?v=Vrg9EW0DjJc heres my best piece (at least i think so anyway - http://www.youtube.c...h?v=qiWUgMNJlhw many thanks in advance.
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