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    I am 16 and love all 3D work.<br />i started out just learning on my own with C4D with Youtube.<br />now I work for a Great! company and am successful if you want to contact my company,<br />visit: [url="http://propulsionstudios.net/contact.html"]http://propulsionstu...et/contact.html[/url]<br />Dan Westerberg is my uncle by the way.<br />the job is more of an internship until i get out of high school then ill get the full time job!<br />but i still do many things to help with their designs.
  1. whatever i feel like.

  2. Yhetii

    Intro Reel

    GREAT work don i have been subbed to you for a while and all your work is top notch! keep it up!
  3. Yhetii

    My Work Demo

    I work at Propulsion Studios. here is some of our companies work! http://propulsionstudios.net/demo.html
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