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  1. C4D is great for just a design tool. I started out the same way as you when I picked up Cinema and just wanted to use it to broaden my graphic design portfolio. I eventually got to the point where I wanted to see my designs in motion as well. I would really recommend starting out with some GreyScaleGorilla.com basic lighting and texturing tutorials. He will show you how to light and texture nice looking designs quickly. Just go onto his website and start going through stuff.
  2. http://vimeo.com/56547984 Uses the same idea done in 3d.
  3. Yes, right click on the grid and choose "show in separate window". Then you will be able to scale this as needed.
  4. I just worked on one that was 8000x1200 but it was a 40 minute long piece. We used AE on our render farm which really helped. As for the 360 renders from cinema it may help to use a reflective sphere with the bake texture tag on it. Good luck
  5. I "liked" this on vimeo a while ago, awesome work! It is very inspiring and makes me want to do something similar.
  6. My biggest issue from what I remember hearing is that you can not set job priority. This would be a major gap in the pipeline at my studio. We are constantly working on multiple jobs rendering simultaneously needing certain shots or jobs rendering first. I would love to use it but for that reason I can't I will have to stick with Thinkbox Deadline... correct me if I am wrong about this since I heard it discussed at Siggraph.
  7. I am underwhelmed also. Faster render times are nice but overall not impressed. Seems totally like a .5 upgrade to me. It does add a couple improvements but I was looking for some "wow" factor like they have been giving us on every release.
  8. Hey Joe. Came across this: http://vimeo.com/45404559
  9. The guy who works at ManVsMachine made these tutorials a little while back. It looks like something he made. Check these out: http://greyscalegorilla.com/blog/tutorials/how-to-use-thinking-particles-mograph-together/ and http://greyscalegorilla.com/blog/tutorials/thinking-particles-tpgroups-events/
  10. Awesome, Great work. Love seeing c4d used in high profile jobs.
  11. You have a bunch of really fun animation in there and I think the pacing works for your style animation. I'm digging your style, well done.
  12. Need more info from you. Are you using physical or standard render for the final output? Also are you using any SSS materials?
  13. I am a full time animator and art director. I will work from 9-7 on a normal day and I take on motion graphic freelance jobs on the side. It can sometimes get tiring though working all day on motion graphics then going home and doing it from 9 pm til I get to go to sleep. But the pay is really nice especially since the college loans are not disappearing any time soon. It is definitely important to have a balance of work and living your life though in order to not get burnt out. Or at least just a little personal time where you are not working to keep your sanity.
  14. Hey Zickar, you need to add a phong tag. (Tags/Cinema 4d tags/Phong)
  15. This looks like an effect that can be achieved simply in softimage ICE. We used it during a project for the artist Skrillex seen here: (can be seen around 1:15) It handles those kinds of "stringy" fluids really well.
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