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  1. Thanks so much for the response both of you. I really appreciate it. Will take it all onboard, but for now, Im cutting off with the design world for a few months, heading to my studio and making some decent stuff to make a much better reel for early next year. WHEELS will be back.
  2. Thanks for the reply really insightful and useful. Just a few questions: - Some of my work is more short movie than motion graphics and is rather slow paced, should this stuff just not be in the reel? - i didn't spend too much time picking a track as I always heard most reels are viewed with no sound, is it better to cut to a track? -Finally is it all about the animation? For example the first shot is some council houses ( social housing in UK) that movie isnt the best animated, but more a designed short film and got me into some film festivals in the UK, is it worth keeping or for my reel should I discard. - Should there be no live action if it has no motion graphics, does it not show i can do other things? Thanks so much again, very helpful post
  3. So, sorry guys, was waiting for Vimeo to finish the conversion then went to bed, had work and , you get the picture. You can view on my site at http://wearewheels.com/ Its the first thing on there, cant miss it Or on Vimeo at http://vimeo.com/48816382 and my old edited reel (same work) is at https://vimeo.com/42619670 if you want to compare and contrast Sorry again and thanks, W
  4. Hey guys Im a graduate motion designer, who's basically struggling to get into anywhere and so Im considering just going away for 6 months, while working a part time job in a bar or something and sorting my work and reel out. That said, the economy is in pieces here in Britain, finding jobs is hard and I figure I would get everyone's 2pence before making the life change. So what do you think of my reel and if you have some time my work. Be honest, I can take it. Regards and thanks Wheels
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