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    <p>Freelance CG Animator/Designer/Compositor/Storboard Artist/Tracker/</p> <p><a href="http://www.andrewpabon.com">http://www.andrewpabon.com</a></p>
  1. As a staffer, you can learn a great amount from talented senior level animators/designers. If the company has talented artists, I think that's a good bet for building up skills and strong portfolio projects. On the flip side, there is a lot of work for a mid to senior level animator in NYC. In my experience as a freelancer, most companies tend to hire looking for a specific skillset that can already be performed. It may be difficult to land the more creative jobs and roles at a junior level. I think at the junior level, a staff position gives you a bit more opportunity to learn on the job.
  2. Very cool spot. I especially liked the style of downtown Jax in the beginning. That style works well with 3d movement.
  3. Thanks Dave! Been keeping busy, but still trying to get my name out there and improve my portfolio. Freelance is definitely an interesting change.
  4. Hey everyone. I'm a bit new on the freelancing scene, so I've updated my reel. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks! ap
  5. Awesome reel! I agree with Vozzz's comment about the type piece that's spread throughout. It doesn't show the design-sophistication or technical proficiency of the other work. Other than that I really dig everything, especially that Toyota piece around the 40second mark.
  6. Depending on the pen model, there might be these 2 plastic clips that hold the button to the pen. After a while they just start to spread out and the button starts to loosen. You can try holding them together for a little bit and see if the clips stay closer together after that. Just be careful cause the plastic can snap pretty easily.
  7. (AP)

    New Halloween Vid

    http://vimeo.com/31400627 Few days late, but here's a short Halloween vid we did over at Material Group. Let us know what you think. ap Motion Designer the Material Group www.thematerialgroup.com
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