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  1. Thanks Vozzzzzzz Im actually gonna have a another crack at that rig, see if i can come up with something better - might include some props also. The poles are there somewhere in the hierarchy, but aren't obvious so yeah definitely needs looking at. Cheers for checking it out, much appreciated!
  2. Work hard, play har... well maybe just some more work eh?

  3. Hi Guys, I posted some medical/organic inspired shader's for Cinema 4D to my blog after working on a recent Medical Demo Animation - Thought someone might find them useful! Head on over and grab them here
  4. Looks good = doesn't seem anymore complicated than an xpreso setup, looking forward to this!
  5. Not so much of a tutorial, but a quick hint that had me puzzled for little bit - if anyone is wondering where all the shortcuts from the the Radial General popup menu accessed from the 'V' short-cut went in R13. look no further - I put a simple step by step to get them back. Hopefully someone might find this useful Take a look Here and let me know what you think,
  6. Ah thanks, let me know what you think when you get a chance to!
  7. Had look - seems pretty nice, you've almost nailed it - the only major criticism I would have is the head stays perfectly still and moves along a horizontal line, this makes the back look rigid and uncomfortable - like a he's walking trying to keep books balanced on his head. It should really follow an elongated sine wave style curve, check out the slide on the front page of my site (with the c4d maquette) to see what I mean. If your still unsure let me know ill knock an example up and post it here. www.8bitfactory.co.uk
  8. Looks like an old post got deleted, so I though I would re-upload a link to a quickie tutorial posted on my blog. Take a peak here Let me know what you think, send me an email or a tweet!
  9. Hi Guys, First post on Mograph thought I would start off by sharing a recent freebie I posted to my blog, a simple animation rig for anyone looking to practice their anim. skills but doesn't want to invest the time into making a simple rig/model. Hopefully someone will find it usefull! Find it here David
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