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  1. Thanks again for everyone's advice! I got a new job with my revised reel!
  2. With the wipes, I was trying to show what I added. I took out the small dip to black at the end by the way Aaron, thanks.
  3. Just before you sent that comment, I did cut down the duration of that clip. It still fades to black though. Since the next clip starts from black, I thought using a dip may have been a good idea. I'll work on this section. Thanks for your detailed advice by the way, it's been really hard for me to find someone that actually knows what they're doing. I was looking over your stuff and it's bad ass! I really want to get my AE stuff to that next level someday...
  4. This is where I started: http://vimeo.com/26683938 This is where I am now: http://vimeo.com/32157783 (Sorry that the link to the new reel is broken on occasion. I've been updating it a lot using all of your guys' feedback!)
  5. Awesome! Thanks dude. I'll get my lazy ass reel on the tread-mill and I'll be sure to post progress here.
  6. When it comes to the mediocrity, I totally get what you're saying. Unfortunately, the company I work for now has such insanely fast deadlines (one day, 6 hours, 3 hours) I feel like so much of my work comes out just OK. I'm in the process of trying to weed out this "padding," but sometimes I cut stuff out that other people like and I leave stuff in that other people hate. Thanks for the advice on "Lynda" and "Mac and PC Environments." This one is an easy fix and I totally agree with you.
  7. Hello! Looking for feedback on a reel of mine I'm in the process of updating: http://joelmertz.net/video_0.php What do you guys like the most and what needs to go? I'm trying to cut this in half. Thanks!
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