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  1. solved the problem, thanks a lot didn't knew it's possible to hide them, sry
  2. Thanks for taking a look at the file. The object not showing up in the viewport is exactly my problem. The polygons do show up at my workstation when I render. And I cannot get rid of them since they do not show up in the viewport.
  3. Hey I'm having some trouble with c4d. I rigged and animated a character only to see that it has some weird polygons sticking out of its head when rendered (not in the editor view). Trying to find the problem I reduced my scene until I got a single object that has 40 polygons which cannot be seen nor deleted in the editor view. But those polygons still show up during rendering. Since I am stuck without any ideas what else to try maybe you can help me out. Here is the reduced scene: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wa7aecbrivry8zc/141119_testscene.c4d?dl=0 I'd like to find a way to get rid of those polygons in my rigged character. Cheers
  4. jens

    Mograph reel 2014

    You seem to have a solid opinion about your reel, which is nice. Hope you don't mind if I share mine. Being flashy or slow-paced says nothing about quality, details or craftsmanship of the reel. If you want to show that you can put in some detail, show shots with details. To prove that you're a dedicated crafter choose shots with dedicated crafting. I would drop the last shot at 1:13, since it does not look especially well crafted in my opinion. And I am not sure how to convey reliability in a reel... The intro may be a matter of taste, and since it has to give the reel your personal touch, your choice is best. But the intro on this reel does not excite me about what's coming. It rather gives me the feeling I am watching a presentation I have to sit through. And the feeling confirms after the first minute and the third or fourth repetition of augmented reality shots. I really like the first shot for "illy". It's nice paced and interesting to watch. I am not too good with professional, constructive criticism, so please just take it as my opinion.
  5. Have you tried keying the follow position and follow rotation in the dynamic tags forces tab? With some playing around it might be the way to go.
  6. Hey motion graphers, my coworker and me put together a little Valentine's chocolate box during render breaks and overtime. Your comments are welcome. Cheers, Jens
  7. I played around with the composition tag quite alot. But the tag only got the option to deactivate self-shadowing, which is the opposite of what I want. Also I learned that the exclude/include option of a composite tag only affects reflection and refraction.
  8. Hey motion graphers! I've got a rather technical issue over here, basically I want an object to only cast shadows on itself and not onto other objects. But the other objects still need to receive all shadows except from the object mentioned before. The only workaround I figured out so far is to dublicate my lights and include/exclude my object. But as my scene gets more and more complex, this solution gets really time consuming. Any other Ideas?
  9. pls correct me if I'm wrong guys. Glow is a post-effect, which means it is added after the rendering therefore and cannot show up in reflections. The best workaround i can think of is adding the glow in photoshop/after effects.
  10. Hey Mographers, since I only got three more month of studying, I decided to pull a new reel and portfolio together and start applying within the next weeks. But beforehand I would appreciate any kind of advice, critics, etc. on both. Portfolio: http://cargocollective.com/jensk Cheers, Jens
  11. LIKE! Heavy topic dude, I can remember someone saying we are artist because we solve problems. But I tend to think we stop being artist the moment we do something to get paid. What's the problem with delivering to the client on time and creating art when you're free?
  12. jens

    Sports Reel 2012

    Hey smedly, I like the visual and the sound in your reel. The only thing bothering me is the logo animation. Maybe it's just me but it looks way too similar to the famous headphones by Paul Clements. Even if you decide to go with it, some more subdivisions on the close-ups would be a nice thing.
  13. this thread comes in quite handy, maybe you guys can help me out with your experience and give me some recommendations. I'm looking for some decent full-size/open headphones, that can be used while I'm cutting and editing some footage, but also while I'm on my way with my iPod. Maybe even while I'm boarding and stuff, but not necessarily. They need to some clean, high-quality sound while isolating everything around me. Since I ended up trashing the cables of all my headphones so far, I am also looking for the possibility to replace parts, especially the cable. As long as I'm still a student, I cannot spend more than 150 for the headphones, but I also don't need high-end quality. I like most of the mentioned headphones, like the AKG K270 (totally like their look and their sound/isolation quality), but I couldn't really find out if it's possible to replace the cable. The best option so far seems to be the Sennheiser HD 25 II. I'm going to find a shop where I can try them within the next week, but maybe you can give me some more/other recommendations. Cheers
  14. jens

    First Reel

    Just got a few questions, if you don't mind. During what timespan did you create the work in the reel? Where do you intend to hand the reel in. Or, to be more precise, since 90% of your work is print and web, do you intend to do more motion graphics related jobs? The fire in the very beginning, is it VFX? Btw, thumbs up for a short, fast-paced reel.
  15. I really like the overall look, the storyline and the animations. It all blends together quite nice. There are, however, a few things that don't really fit. The first thing are the children talking, their mouth not synchronic to the voice. I don't like the 3D parts in your spot, they don't seem to harmonize with the beautiful 2D animations. Especially the big 3D type in the end, with the red color smashing in your face, does not seem to fit at all. It would have been nice if you'd kept the whole colors to green, white and black. At least, that's my opinion. A nice spot after all.
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