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  1. Get it from the AtomKraft website. New AtomTexture and AtomDisplacement now have a 'Repeat' rollout that allows selecting if the texture is tiled or its edge is repeated, outside the unit square. AtomTexture and AtomDisplacement now have a 'Transform' rollout that allows adjusting the texture's position, scale, rotation and shearing. AtomSubsurface now has controls for outer- and inner color and refractive index. Fixes Fixed a crash with imported 3D geometry. Fixed stray pixels in environment layers on OS X. Fixed a condition causing popup warning dialogs about memory allocation that would show up on After Effects CS6.0.2 only. Changes Faster ray tracing. Ray tracing polygons and particles uses less memory. Setting a 3D geometry layer's quality to 'Wireframe' now makes the layer's geometry render as points. Secondary rays now use unfiltered texture lookups. Reflections, refractions and indirect effects now render up to 1,200% faster. Updated Alembic to 1.1.2. Beers & thanks to everyone for your continued support, --Moritz
  2. Hey Lennart, sorry about the install process. It comes from the Nuke side, most VFX studios run license server processes on central server that serves the licenses to the boxes throughout the studio. We know that many Ae users don't fit this bill and we are working on simplifying the license installation. The docs somehow also completely lack the license installation section. This one slipped through, I am fixing this. --Moritz
  3. We are very proud to announce the release of AtomKraft for After Effects 1.0 To celebrate this, we are offering the full suite at 50% off until the release of 1.1, later this fall. AtomKraft/Ae is the interactive 3D toolkit for look development, camera projection mapping, matte painting, lighting & rendering. It is available for After Effects CS5.5 and CS6 on Windows 64 and Mac OS X 64. AtomKraft is a fully CPU-optimized solution and does not require any GPU hardware. All AtomKraft/Ae licenses are floating and cross-platform. Check atomkraft.hk/aftereffects for all further information, to download a demo or to request a trial license. Follow us: @hackonjupiter Hashtag: #AtomKraftAe
  4. We just released a new beta of AtomKraft. Apply here, if you want to get on board. Intro documentation is here. Beers, .mm
  5. All of the people who registered for the beta should now have an email in their inbox. Apologies for taking a month longer than we anticipated to release this. We look forward to your feedback, particular features useful for motion graphics shit. Beers, --Moritz P.S. I am drinking a glass of Auchentoshan single malt while writing this.
  6. Some comments: we fully support the current AE renderer (and we will support any changes/improvements Adobe makes). This means you can just render an existing comp using AtomRender instead of Advanced 3D. Everything else we add is in form of effects that you add to 3d footage, 3d solid or 3d text layers. Re-lighting: why do re-lighting when you can light in comp? Lighting and compositing are very related. In the big facilities, most lighting TDs are doing the basic comp setup too and the compers themselves do more of the finesse resp. roto work, before the shot gets handed to the TD for lighting. The AE version can't import a light setup yet and AE lights are very limited. But we do plan to port the Atomic lighting system, we have in Nuke, over to AE too. Geometry: currently we support importing geometry and changing its interpretation. For example, you can import a polygon model and render it as a subdivision surface. We have a very cool feature planned that preserves the original shape of the polygon model better than "smoothing everything with subdivision" usually does. Camera mapping: we hear you, we have this fully supported in Nuke, porting this to AE will be straightforward & quick. Particles: you can use any imported (possibly animated) geometry's vertices as particles and choose from different render types or you can import just particles (OBJ file that only contains vertices or Alembic file that contains points). Unfortunately there is no public API to get at the data from effects like Particular etc. If you have a favorite particle plugin/effect that you want us to support, let us know and we will try our best to convince the vendor to give us access to their data within AE. In the worst case (or maybe not), we add our own particle system. We also plan to add features for procedural modeling inside AE, much like the modifier stack in 3ds max. Using nested comps one could imagine doing more complex stuff, like the node graph in Houdini. We are open to suggestions here. The last two things are for version 1.5 at the earliest. That being said: our development priorities are entirely driven by our users. You tell us what you need/want most, we add it. Someone mentioned deep compositing: this needs to be supported by the host app before we can support it. It also means a shitload of data since deep doesn't mean using a pixel's z value, it means having multiple fragments per pixel, in depth. And it requires float precision, commonly. At least for the depth part of each fragment, color could be 16bit I guess. AE is kind of slow using full float data, I have admittedly a bit of trouble imagining it doing deep compositing, in the near future, until Adobe has addressed this. .mm
  7. So, I wanted to write this since 9 years. I guess some of you may have heard of AtomKraft. It is essentially a full integration of a high end 3D renderer into the Foundry's Nuke 2D/3D compositing app. Funny thing is that we originally did this for After Effects 9 years ago. Never finished it. Forgot about it. Did the Nuke version starting in 2010. Then came back full 360 to do the AE version as of last December. Of course, we have a lot more features now, than we did in 2003. Basically AtomKraft for After Effects allows you to use AtomRender instead of the Advanced 3D renderer. But there is much more: Import Wavefront OBJ and Alembic files and animated sequences just like normal footage into you Project window Render these as full 3D geometry inside any AE comp (choose polygons, subdivison surfaces, or one of 6 particle types, e.g. blobbies) A Shitload of channels can be extracted from any nested 3d comp that uses AtomRender to combine them as you please Physically plausible materials, with subsurface scattering, glossy reflections, soft shadows etc. Real 3D motion blur and real world depth-of-field with no real speed penality Sub pixel displacement ... We are planning to release a beta version next week. You need After Effects CS 5.5 on Mac OSX or Windows 7 64. Before we do this we'd like some people to grind the shit out of our current alpha version to help us polish the beta for general public consumption. Interested pixel pushers please drop me a mail at info@jupiter-jazz.com. Check the Nuke version to get an idea what the After Effects one will bring: atomkraft.hk/nuke. Oh yeah, if there is anything you always wished you could do in AE, instead of having to resort to a 3D app, please let use know, we are listening. Beers, --Moritz
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