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  1. Hi everyone! I'd like to share with you an animated Tv sports Trailer that features soccer events. Feedback is needed and welcome, thanks http://vimeo.com/35577244
  2. anthimos

    2011 Reel

    Nice reel, like the overall style, but you might need to work a little more on your editing process. The audio doesn't work for your visuals, try to create a better link between them. I hope i was helpfull..
  3. Thanks Gui, i used varius procedural scripts for Maya, but mainly a city kit, as you said. It was rendered in a 8 core workstation, nothing extremely fast. The geometry on the scene was very light, but good texturing (that came out of city kit) and mia shaders did the job. The frame render in the beauty pass took 3-5 minites and some frames took up to 15 minites to render. No GI, just FG and AO, and a little post color bleaching to fake Gi. Generaly, it took 5 days to render, and 7 days to work on it, 3d and post. Its an inhouse TV station job, and this is the best i can get!
  4. Hi all, Here is a animation that i created as an introduction for a TV channel's schedule presentation. Deadline given was two weeks . My goal was to create an environment that hosts visually the TV channel's content (city's video billlboards), and also reinforce the channel's branding (ending part). I hope you like it! http://vimeo.com/31095448
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