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  1. Thanks. I initially tried pinching levels in 32 and 16 bit before asking here but it didn't make matters too much better. It helped, but I was still pulling my hair out. I will have to try out the rest of your suggestions, chris. I didn't precomp it, just stacked the keyer on top of that. And I didn't fiddle with the gamma either. Using the LUT generator and guessing at the settings within it, I was able to get a much better key. I used video as the output, not linear. Went to rec 709. The files in the zip didn't seem to have any difference. I assumed that they were for different ISO settings or something, but they didn't look any different from eachother. I will have to load the footage up again and try linear to see what happens. There were teals, aqua blues, and yellows in the shot that were causing headaches. Using Apply LUT with the .cube files from the Alexa site resolved all of that. I will have to read up on logC more thoroughly in between jobs to get a more comprehensive understanding of it because while those .cube files helped the key, it made the footage look horrible. Didn't matter for my use anyway, but I'd still like to know for in the future. If receiving alexa footage in the future, should I request .cube files from them based on their camera settings, kinda like how RED works?
  2. Hey everyone, I have footage that I'm being asked to key, from an Alexa I'm told and the files are ProRes 4444. When I import the files into after effects, no matter the bit depth in the project settings, I can't get a good key from this footage. Whats weird to me is that when I put levels on and look at the histogram, its only using about 1/4 of the available range. This is true even for when the project is in 8 bit. After doing a bunch of googling before asking here, it looks like there is a special quicktime thing available on their site, but I need a camera serial in order to download it?? Is there something I am missing here? The footage appears as 'prores 4444 - trillions of colors', which I thought meant 16 or 32 bit. But no matter how I try to set the project or interpret the footage, keying this is horrible. Perhaps worse and harder than with minidv. I received footage from those guys before but it went through a davinci before it got to me, as dpx files which was fine. This time, its media managed from fcp without transcoding, so I assume its straight from the camera. I feel like there is some mystery codec or something I can't find that makes everything work how I imagine it to, but either can't find it, or found it on their website but it requires having a serial number to download it from the site. I can't see how restricting it to camera owners could possibly be the case. By the way, I also found on a forum elsewhere that I am supposed to use the Apply LUT filter and load a file of some kind? But there is no such file provided and I'm just getting a blank stare when asking for it. Quicktime is up to date, I can't find a log C codec and presume it just works with regular quicktime. Thanks for any help with this.
  3. I appreciate the time everyone took to observe my reel and break down the flaws (and yes, there are many). I was warned about making that length of a reel, for the fact that it is only as good as your worst piece on it. And being a newbie to the industry, I am only given the chance to work on basic videos that do not have too much responsibility throughout the creation. youtube videos, kiosk presentations, etc. with short turnarounds. Even though that helps pay the bills and keeps me in L.A., it is not benefiting me building up my reel. In no way was I expecting a bunch of compliments or a pat on the back when I posted this. I knew it was going to be brutal, but I needed to know exactly how a person perceives it. My school lacked many things. One of them being constructive criticism which is essential. I could go on forever on how worthless the school was, but I'm sure you all know the story. As for my site, I know its gaudy and the placement text sticks out like a sore thumb. I actually launched it the day of posting this so it was more of me playing with muse and having some other place to view my reel aside from Vimeo. That day I noticed how the page size varies depending on the computer I view it on, and it shows the art board outline for some reason behind it, and so on. That's a whole other issue I need to tackle. But I'm just rambling now. My biggest concern is how to keep a fluent style, while showing that I still want to go down the "generalist" path. I like 3D, but I don't want to be stuck doing that all day since I love after effects so much more. And these kiosk videos that are pretty much moving power points (clients words) tarnish what my "style" is. But realistically, if I were to take those out I would be left with a very very short reel. I'm at the fork in the road where I need to choose to either to keep pushing the generalist concept and absorbing all the techniques that I can, or becoming a specialist and fine tuning that. I'm not sure which one would benefit me more in this industry yet. All of the live action shots were for either clients or friends. None of those were personal projects, so it's interesting to find out that it passes off as me being fond of the filming aspect, which I need to address. On a side note, What is it that is giving off this "prima donna" vibe? Just the fact of lack of detail from being quick turnarounds? The longest time I have spent on a particular project was a week. And even those were because of it being a long duration. I know I should just start a bunch of personal projects and spend a lot of time on each one, but with school and work it's hard to find time to even sleep. And my job as of right now is steering me away from what I really want to do. It does give me the chance to practice basic skills. Lower thirds, logo animations, transitions, etc. and how an overall project is created from beginning to end. but the vast majority of it is editing (which I HATE), transcribing, and project organization. Again, I know my work still needs a lot of improvement and I appreciate everyone that has gone out of their way to view it. The source of information that I have gotten from this site has been unfathomable the past year. My student loan would have been better off being used for here.
  4. I am about to finish up school in two weeks, and am looking for a few opinions of my reel. half were school projects, and the rest are client pieces. I'm looking to tighten it up as much as possible. www.kyleelder.tv
  5. I have a three point light setup around the poker chip with the letters, and global illumination to keep the card suits better lit while their being pushed through z space. is global illumination counteracting with my light rig? Its more of a blocky kind of chatter, than what you would see with an ambient occlusion issue, (which i don't have on).
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