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  1. I have no first hand experience with either, but FXPHD has been recommended before - and is something that I keep seeing crop up when learning. I'm actually planning to take a course at FXPHD this year to try it out
  2. I think I've actually misunderstood also - In the video, I've simply used dynamics tags to start the effect (it's the best I've managed to do so far) I'd like to use Explosion FX / Explosion for more control over the parameters, however, when I make the text chunks children of the Explosion FX / Explosion deformer - I get control, but the chunks become very fine, almost like shards of glass - they don't retain the form I'd like them to - (i.e. 4 block chunks per text character). I am unsure how to get the text chunks to preserve their blocky form when making use of the Explosion FX / Explosion deformers. I guess my question is double-barrelled in that I was also asking for an opinion on which would present the best result - Dynamics Tags or Deformers (I think I have just confused myself oops!)
  3. Hey there, I'm relatively new to the site - I believe this is the correct place for this topic, but if not, let me know... I was wondering if you could offer any advice or pointers on where I might be going wrong here - my brain just cannot seem to function at the moment, and this problem is really bugging me - it feels like it should have a simple answer... I've been playing with the idea of a video wall / cube, and have attempted to apply video clips to portions of text. In my previous tests, simply applying a rigid body tag would make the portions fly apart due to the fact they are already so close together as a built portion of text (almost like a shatter, but very chunky and blocky) presenting the video clips as the chunks spin and twirl into the air. However, I'd ideally like more control over this - In my test scene file, this happens on the first frame - I'd like to delay the effect (collision / shatter?) as well as be able to have some sort of degree of force or power with which the chunks would be flung apart from each other. I've attempted to play with Explosion FX, Explosion and Shatter - all seem to produce shattered 'flakes' and not let me force blow apart the chunks I've already created (unless I'm poking around in the wrong places) I've also tried to see if Particle Affectors have any use here - and can't seem to get the desired effect. I've linked to a very small sample clip from an earlier test render - hopefully so you see the idea that I'm trying to describe: http://vimeo.com/34889831 the password is: forcetest (For some reason I'm unable to see an option for attachments on Mograph.net) I'd be very grateful if you'd be able to at least point me in the right direction or offer any ideas that you'd have to help me along, Kind regards,
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