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  1. Ha, no - it's just a lowly music video. It's all in there though!
  2. It's a great film! Good to revisit, I love those sequences. The idea really is that they're meeting in the morning for hangover cure/brunch, one is fit as a fiddle, the next a bit worse for wear, the third destroyed from the night before. They order 3 'Go Supersonic' meals off the menu to recharge themselves and sort of get more than they bargained for. Then they race, break down, get hijacked, pick up a girl, crash, die, come back to life, go into hyperspace and end up back in the café with their minds blown. It's hard to get all that fitting into the 30 seconds or so before the first chorus, maybe we didn't manage it that clearly. Your ending suggestion would still work a treat! The name of the café on the menus is 'Catch Ya Latte' which you can probably get away with a bit more with an English accent than an American one but it's a pretty bad pun either way...
  3. Haha great idea for the end! I LOVE the idea of them covered in food and coffee back in a destroyed café...
  4. Hi all, here's a promo I just completed work on for Finnish outfit Pepe Deluxé on Catskills, we shot it on greenscreen in my flat apart from the café intro/outro on location (heavily graded to try and mask the really noticeable absence of proper lighting...) Took a long time to get all the compositing done, you'll definitely spot one or two little badly tracked lights but apart from that I'm proud of it! This won't be online for long, I just wanted to get some community feedback. I hope you enjoy it! Sholto http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGbAVGAhWog
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