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  1. Hey guys! I hope this is not rude or OT. I need a little help. I'm having an hard time trying to find some (not crappy) reference videos with people talking over a greenscreen combined with infographics or animations in general. They don't have to interact. Kinda like this (hopefuly better): Or maybe you could even suggest me some keywords (not native english speaker here) to find good videos of this kind. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks. m.
  2. Thanks a lot guys, I will look into X-particles this next holydays, I haven't, yet and I really want to. I knew that somehow x-particles would help me. A lot of interesting stuff on your blog Simon! Thanks!!! cheers
  3. Hi all, that's what I'm trying to achieve: I have some balls in a cloner and I want them to bounce on a plane; then at each collision I want to be able to augment the number of clones and to actually switch the type of balls. All this keeping the dynamics working. The easiest way I can think so far is cheating it with some cuts between different scenes. But I'd like to know if there's a (quite) easy way to make it all work as I need in realtime as i press play on C4D's timeline. I'm looking through this Tim's post here: http://helloluxx.com/tutorials/cinema4d-2/cinema4d-thinking-particles/thinking-particles-emit-on-collision/ What would you suggest? Is Tim's way worth for my case? I'm trying to adapt t to he cloner object. Thanks! And have a nice weekend! M.
  4. First off: yeah, English is not my first language, and for as much as I'm good at it sometimes I can miss a word and made a mess with it. Especially when I feel emotionally involved in the reading. Second off: I didn't mean to throw shit on the work I had the privilege to work to, I was in one of those bad days and acting passive/aggressive and it was all related to the answering in the thread here (sort of emotional self defense), not really meaning it. I want to thank you all very much. It took me a while to post my reel here on mograph.net because I knew what I was going to put myself into. I knew my reel wasn't super well done and I was gonna be bashed for that. But I also knew that I would get some invaluable feed back from you people here, more than everywhere else on the web. And I did get it, so thank you. I'll try to edit a new reel with all this in mind and I'll keep you posted. Binky, your words are so motivational I almost feel like you're writing from outer space. I don't know most of the time how to keep a good attitude and how to keep the dream going on in this industry (I'm talking about here, Italy) since it gets very rough and exahusting and I'm almost never feel paid off enough for my efforts. But your words makes me feel like if there's life on mars, actually. Ok, I'm off now watching all your suggestions. Have a nice weekend. Mauro.
  5. Thanks jens, I don't have a solid opinion about my reel, I think. The fact that I'm trying to explain (first of all to myself) is that the projects I've done might not be well suited to build an "interesting" reel at all. This is the best work I've done so far, take or leave it. I can't see a better way to show it off. But I'm starting to feel that it's just a limit of mine. Isn't it? Thanks. Mauro.
  6. Dear Binky, thank you very much for your reply. I appreciate the effort you put into watching my boring reel and the suggestions you gave me are very much precious. I think I got your point but I have to say that for as much as I can agree with you, I don't know if the kind of reel you're pointing me to is correct for my needs. These are the actual projects I had the luck to work at, honestly. And honestly to me a reel is a business card; I think the slow pace is good to notice the cure I can put in some details and I hope it conveys the idea that I'm a reliable and dedicated crafter, more than an MTV style dude in his 20s. For as much as I'd might love to be one of those fast paced, give me your attention, super colored artists I am not at the moment. What can I do about it? Still I can do my job and I've made some experience with some big brands and I wish to make some more and better, hopefully. Yes, I could probably trim some frames. Even though I think it fits with the music nicely right now. The cuts on the actions are a valuable advice I will write in my to do and to remember lists, nonetheless. Only one thing: please, don't say powerpoint slide, I know you know how it hurts. I don't think it is. It is some kind of business presentation, though. I really hope I can work at some projects that can get people more excited in the future. One last thing: could you give me some links to reels with intros that convey something about the artist more than the content of the reel itself does please? That would be very useful. Thanks a lot. Mauro.
  7. Hey mograph people, here's my new showreel. Details about my role in each project are below the video. Costructive criticism is well accepted. Cheers! https://vimeo.com/91715860
  8. Thanks for the answer Aaron, so basicly you're saying that the interface animation in the case of a HTML5 website will be animated by a web dev, right? That's my point, no job for me nor for AE. I can't actually figure out a workflow in which my AE abilities could be handy in this particular case. I'm forgetting to mention the fact that the graphics are going to be created by another graphic designer. Am I on a wrong track?
  9. Hi everyboy, here's the point, a client wants to somehow realize several interactive videos in which the movie stops and you are prompt with an interface where you can choose various alternatives. The point is that I don't exactly know if I can be of any use since this sounds to me more like a website or an app than like a video. Correct me if I'm wrong: my guess is that they need to build a website probably taking advantage of the new features in HTML5. So I was thinking, what if I animate the graphics over the video in AE and then I'd want to export it as "instructions" to be coded from a wed dev? I was searching the web and I got over this http://blog.motionboutique.com/ae-to-css3-75 and this http://aescripts.com/xml-gibson/ I have no clues about coding and web development, so at the moment I still don't know what to say to the client since I don't know if I'm able to offer them any service at all. Are those XML files of any use in the case I'd want to animate in AE and export to HTML5? Thanks in advice. M.
  10. Hey folks! I just made this today. It's my entry for the Animation Sequence Project. I had to start and finish with a 250x250 px square in the middle of the screen with a max lenght of 10 seconds. I wanted to make something funny. I hope you like it, I had fun doing it! Cheers.
  11. Thank you guys @C.Smith I wish I thought about making it 80s like! I just lost control of my hand here...love your tools Chris! Thanks. @Binky thank you very much, you definetly "nailed" the point! My goal was to learn some tools but in the process I forgot the great plan. Still this is good for my self confidence, even though it's cheesy. Now I'm motivated to make a little interesting piece next time, thanks man, I appreciated. @vozzz from the technical side, I used a bunch of daemons here, for the first time. Infact I realized how the hard part of Realflow is the actual fluid "sculpting",as I spent a bunch of time trying to make the fluid behave as I wanted. Probably in this case I should have even added another fluid emitter on top just for some extra splashes. Man, Realflow is time consuming! Thanks dude for the hints! (Ok, no more starglow on top of everything, goats are prettier their own natural way )
  12. Howdy folks! I've been messing around with Realflow in the last few weeks. Nothing special, but I'm kinda proud of where my efforts are leading, in a way... Do I have to be worried about having used a famous logo/brand? It could go under the "spec work" category, right? Ok, I'm learning so I know by myself this is not perfect or spectacular but I'd like some good criticism from you fellas. Draw your swords cheers M.
  13. Thanks all you guys for the answers and precious hints. You're awesome. Regarding Nick's 5 seconds projects, everytime I think: "yes, I'm gonna do this one", but I never did..I think I need more limitations..."pinball" and 5 sec are too generic for me, and not interesting at all; I can see the challenge of it, but still...not motivating. Reading your anwers I can say that I'm not alone in that! But also that is something kinda subjective; personally I feel that staying away from the computer and have a walk is stimulating (@Datsun). I have this noteblock which I tend to keep always with me just in case I stumble around some cool ideas. I hope it'll help... I remember few years ago I used to read a lot more books, and watch many more movies and even TV. It's like a dog chasing his tail sometimes: I finally have a reason to geek the crap outta my pc all day long, cause it's a job now, but still sometimes I forget to "get a non digital life" I believe... Yeah, I really like motion graphics inspired by different media. @joedonaldson thanks man! I didn't know about Ben Ducroz, so inspiring!
  14. Thanks joedonaldson! I've got a little idea to experiment now, while I was thinking about your answer in the shower. One of the things I truly believe I need is staying away from the computer as much as I can! Does it make sense? I think I should be thinking about it just as a tool, like a brush or a guitar or something and not trying to doodling with it directly, but maybe I should doodle on some paper, get some ideas to get me started and then move to the computer. Possibly with the internet off... I need a job more than anything else though...
  15. Hi all, I have no jobs at the moment and I'd really want (and need) to do some spec work/personal projects to get better and pump my reel. The fact is: my creativity seems to kick in only when it's time to solve some problems, otherwise I feel totally demotivated and stuck. Like blank canvas syndrome I would say. I've been through this forever; I spend my days pumping up my software knowledge (tutorials, etc...) but when it's time to come up with something "mine" I'm stuck and frustrated. Some days I feel so lame and dull, geez... [/EndOfWhining] Any suggestions? Am I crazy talking? Is it common somehow? What's you way around it? Thanks. You could even give me some problems to solve to help me. If you wish. Thanks.
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