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  1. patches

    Fast or Good?

    I'm taking a poll: quick and dirty or slow and clean? (this is in regards to motion work, but I'm open to all responses!)
  2. Hi guys & gals, I want to render multiple instances of my AE project via the terminal on multiple machines. Can I do so if I am using AE CS6 on the main computer but all the rest of the machines have AE CS5? Me: CS6 Everyone else: CS5 Can I render on their terminals? If not, any other ideas to make a quick and dirty render farm? Any good soup recipes?
  3. this such great stuff! i really love your design style, and your various methods of animation. really awesome work.
  4. there are so many keyboard shortcuts that I never use, so I've swapped a bunch to suit my needs. I haven't yet (but I'm gonna!) set a new keyboard shortcut for select all children, but it might help make things easier with the tablet. Are there gestures that you could set with the pen as well? That's a whole new can of worms I haven't tried. good luck though, can't wait to see the final result!
  5. pinterest seems to be the way to go for most. I use Gimmebar (which is the same thing, but way less popular). It's really a matter of having what you want, where ever you are, all the time. Websites like pinterest that have mobile apps are great, cause you can keep your scrapbook in your pocket, desktop computer, etc. start an account with feedly.com and keep tabs on all of your favorite blogs too, it'll give you plenty to pin! good luck pinning!
  6. hey John, I think you've got some really great work in there! Not only is well done, but shows a breadth of techniques and experience with FOX40. For your reel, I'd say to keep it short and sweet. Try and see if you can edit about 15-20 seconds off of it — keep it high paced and fun. Also, you may want to add a "gallery" link on your top menu bar in your website. Otherwise, all in all I think it's really great stuff!!
  7. this is such a fun loop! I really love all the secondary animations and the music as well. i imagine that this makes a really perfect GIF. heck yeah, this is really awesome.
  8. heck yeah! this turned out really well. I love the subtle touches from the lens flairs and subtle animation. can't wait to see how you use this in your next project!
  9. patches

    2k commercial

    neat use of parallax. I really like the final resolve of the logo too. Great work! Is this playing regionally or across the country? I'll look for it next time that I'm in the movies!!
  10. patches

    First Reel

    video does not exist? i'd love to have a look — post a link or fix your embed code? good luck with the job search!
  11. have you tried a work-around? I bet you could set your own preset and use that one. will you post a style-frame from PS — i'm curious to see what it looks like.
  12. great animation reel! i loved the music especially, but there are a ton of great moments in here. your sense for color & lighting really show through in this reel. awesome stuff.
  13. this is awesome!! what was your involvement in this promo, Vozzz? I loved all the throw-back stuff, it was really fun to watch.
  14. This is fantastic! Great use of lighting/textures and your animation is spot-on!
  15. patches

    Pooh in space

    this is hilarious! i think you definitely need to do a Tiger version
  16. very informative! this will send you off into the "real world" with a bang! awesome work.
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