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  1. Awesome, thanks for your replies! I'm glad it seems I made the right choice with the GTX...it doesn't lag or play me up at all really, but high poly stuff is always a problem I guess. I've been figuring my way through C4D and have on occassion tried to fracture objects that had a ridiculous poly count - it's the little things you don't learn sometimes, like "convert polygon groups to objects" and consequently to optimise said groups so you don't end up with a hundred thousand little triangles in the air...but I'm getting there. I got my third title sequence in September, they've booked me for two days...can you believe it. I'm a junior too.
  2. Hey all Having read some comments from another thread I was inspired to post this because I've always wondered the base line differences between going between professional to consumer kit, at the high end ... Benchmarks are apparently similar with some cards - but I guess it's how the software we use handles it and what it's actually used for on a practical level...and does the software respond better to the professional cards than say a high spec'd consumer one...? The difference between AFX and C4D on how they use the graphics card, in every sense....does this information exist? I have a GTX 590 as it happens - on my xw8600 (2x xeon quad 2.83ghz) - C4D performance is spectacular in the viewport - not a problem with most things....processor heavy things, dynamics etc - can be a problem as with everyone. But I'm not sure it's use goes beyond that? I can post the graphics card specs that C4D generates in the Preferences if it's of any interest. On the less design-y side of things - do you know if the Quadros ever get driver updates for things like Direct X? PhysX? Has anyone played a modern game on a Quadro? hehe Is Quadro basically a fancy name to get more money from people, and make them feel less prosumer?? I'd love to know!
  3. Doesn't home premium limit you to a max of one processor? You need business or ultimate if you build a spec with dual processor set up - I know you're erring the other way - its just that I was very excited about scoring a free Home Prem licence until I realised I needed Ultimate for it to see my other xeon quad.... (I'm still using the old xw8600 - fantastic machine!)
  4. point taken...but is individuality a requirment? I personally don't think so, but others would disagree...! Look at The Matrix - great film, spawned a ton of dark sci-fi movies...and no Usual Suspects without the hype of Pulp Fiction before it...I guess that may not translate too well to 2 minute animations or whatever but I guess you can get what I mean...
  5. Personally I don't have a problem with styles like this and I certainly don't think things go "out of date" - it depends on how you use them, the message you're getting across and the overall feel of your piece. Not going to concern myself with border-line snobbery regarding who's done what, how much and who's copied it - if it looks, sounds and feels good then that's all that should matter. Detaching the chin stroking add-on from your creative hats might help you detach from stuff like that and potentially see things on individual merit? I dunno.
  6. Well I checked dropbox and they certainly don't claim ownership of your content...but still.... I've got a massive issue with cloud storage and cloud computing. If you want the world to devolve into owning licences to use soft copies on a single screen in your living room (which just points to a server you have an account with) then keep using these services. Personally I like having hardware in my house to tinker with. I love my xw8600. I love my nVidia card. I absolutely detest companies like "onlive" and all this cloud storage rubbish which takes you down the road of pay per use computing.
  7. Not hugely clued up on this myself, but a theory I thought of while reading would be to take a screen grab of your ipad3 screen and check the resolution of it as a jpeg, then use that as your basis for resolution settings....
  8. OK so you know when you're sitting at home and you have an idea, so you boot everything up and then start the idea...but you get bored and do something else.... That happened to me yesterday - but not before looking at doing the same thing. I dunno whatsoever if this would work - but I theorised that using the sound and random effectors in modynamics would make something like this happen to music or something. I dunno. I guess if you made 4 cubes (totally away from your sphere idea) and added a cloner then a random and sound effector to the object, you could make it dance to the beat, so to speak... but I never bothered trying it, and have only assumed that the sound effector helps you achieve this. I've never even opened it. So that was worth me contributing....move along!
  9. I'm reading through it right now! Thanks Vozzz, much appreciated.
  10. Unless you're copy/pasting or screen capturing someone else's work specifically, I wouldn't worry. Taking notes from a design style is not a problem in my eyes....are we suggesting that the originator has the copyright to triangles? I think not. Yours is vastly different, and unrecognisable when compared really. Only a slight hint of it here. I only believe it's a violation of creativity if you're copying camera moves, animations and endboards from ONE piece, and transferring it. You lot would have a sh*t fit if you saw the sheer amount of work I've had to steal in the broadcast industry. "I've seen *this*, can we make it exactly the same". It happens every day....I REALLY struggle with this stuff though, and I pain myself to be original - I'm a bloody programme editor, I liked to deal with narrative and story and all that but it's twisted into motion graphics. I never asked for it, and as a result I find myself emulating to improve myself - only I have to do it in "anger" (ie: on the day mid-job) with only one shot at getting it right, so very little time for experimenting. I swear you lot are gonna hate me before long lol
  11. I think banging your head against the keyboard has ruined your spacebar, dude.
  12. pah to "art" If you're doing a job for a client, you are a designer. If you're doing it for yourself, you're an artist. Sure there are crossovers, some client initialised work can be classed as beautiful, artistic, expressive.... but to be honest you sound a bit bitter about the industry. I'm not going to profess to being an artist...I design things to a brief, set a style or an idealogy and watch the rest fall into place. When you're approached by a client with a design brief, a logo, a style guide with RGB values and proportions and you're told to "animate this", you're just designing. When you're given a blank canvas, no logo, no proportions, nothing - well then you can apply this to art. Working in broadcast, deadlines are always the henchman of failure. I work for a department that uses the same applications as another department - only they get three weeks to make a 10 second sting. I get 11 hours. You could be cleaning the bloody streets - so it's not all bad. Christ we get to sit in front of computers, getting paid to stroke our chins and drink tea whilst asking "does this interact well with this?". God it's a great life, even if a little stressful.
  13. I'm reading through your blog now and as a beginner who's been thrust deep into the world of 3D design, I can't thank you enough for some of the time/life savers you've got in there - so here's a small attempt: Thanks very much!!!
  14. Hi Mograph forum! I just thought I'd introduce myself to the board. I'm a new user to CInema 4D and have been using After Effects for a couple of years. I work for a major broadcaster in the UK as a video editor, so it's been weird having to use applications like AE and C4D in my job but for some reason a good editor here is defined as someone who can use these programs....in contrast to the rest of the world it seems... I come from humble beginnings and have no formal qualifications in anything close to fine art, graphic design, design, or anything...I'm not sure how many of you are in the same boat? I came out of school and basically started working in TV at the bottom, but always wanted to edit... So I've found myself using these programs to design stings, titles, and even straps and title sequences - something which has sort of taken me by surprise but I'm not one to give up easily. I've one opener under my belt which was entirely AE and fairly simple, and a new project on the go which will be a title sequence too, this one based in C4D. So I thought I'd register and see if I could get all vampiric on the wealth of talent that seems to grace the board, find inspiration, calm my bloody nerves about the whole thing, and basically take my mind off the stress whilst still potentially broadening my knowledge....whilst trying not to break down like the Kony filmmaker resulting in an arrest and/or media frenzy. Thanks for reading and please feel free to add any links of anything you think may help a brother in need - great tutorials you know (any level), anything you saw online that really helped you out, anything you consider a breath of fresh air - great starting points, literally anything you want! Many thanks for reading and I hope I can be a useful member of the community as well!! T
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