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  1. gerkx

    New Showreel

    Again Carey, thanks! Your insights are indeed quite helpful. I'm going to go back and swap a few of those aforementioned shots out, and then step away from it for a bit. While I didn't quite pull off that intro, it was still a tonnnn of work, and I need a breather before I revisit it, or even decide to revisit it. I'm not entirely sure how much of that 10% gap I'd be able to close; I've just been a generalist who wanted to try pushing my boundaries, but I don't think character animation will ever be my strongest attribute. On a side note, your Snapdragon series (and the rest of your YouTube series') are fantastic, and I'm really looking forward to see what you have cooking next. I think I saw on Slack or somewhere that you're working on a new one... Can't wait :-)
  2. gerkx

    New Showreel

    Hi Carey! Thanks so much for taking the time to look it over and for the great feedback. You opinion means a lot. I'm a bit bummed, because you've more or less confirmed my thoughts on it as well. I think it shows some of strengths, but it also is providing a showcase for my weaknesses, which, call me crazy, isn't really the best approach to a showreel. I had the idea and thought it might help me stand out a bit, so I decided to just go for it; worst case scenario it's a growing experience and I learn a bunch, which I certainly did. I agree about removing holiday 3d stuff as well, as well as a few other bits. Looking at the reel, what would you say are some of my strengths? Because I'm not super sure. I tend to be overly critical of myself, and, while it's starting to get better, I spent most of the past few years in survival mode, taking on whatever work I can find, which means food on the table, but I'm constantly being pulled from one style/medium/etc to another, and while I've been competent in a lot of facets of the job, I haven't really been able to hone and polish any aspect in particular. I worked as an editor before stumbling into motion design, and I think that's a big strength of mine, as you noticed. But good cutting of mediocre content does not a good showreel make. I'm still just trying to figure out where I fit in in this industry, ya know? Again, thank you so much for your feedback, and anything more you can say will be extremely appreciated. Cheers, Pat
  3. gerkx

    New Showreel

    My previous reel was getting a bit old, so I've just finished putting a new one together: Let me know what you think!
  4. gerkx

    Adobe Font

    I finally gave up and just reinstalled Windows, which solved the problem. Thanks anyway
  5. gerkx

    Adobe Font

    So... this might be a win8 thing, b/c I can't find any way in Adobe to change the font, but this has happened to my Adobe programs... The font is suddenly tiny and serif... Anyone have any idea what I did, and how to undo it?
  6. Nevermind. I'm a dope. I had picked the wrong colour space in AE...
  7. The exact same colour is diplaying differently in AE and PS on the same monitor. If I export a still from AE and bring it into PS is matches the PS colour. If I import it back into AE it matches the AE colour. Here is a screen grab: Both apps are CC. Any one have any ideas what up?
  8. When they first launched SpeedGrade with CS6, there was no way to externally monitor, so I wrote it off and haven't revisited it since. It's tough to get industry adoption when you launch a product that can't really be used by industry professionals....
  9. I love this place! Getting the color I want when working in linear mode has always driven me nuts. I'm so glad I found out about this! Thanks, Sen!
  10. I've been using this for a bit, and the only caveat is that there are color-shifts when transcoding to ProRes from some codecs. Going from Animation->ProRes works like a charm (but is only 8bit I believe), but Cineform->ProRes has a noticeable shift if you side-by-side them, for example. That, and ProRes4444 doesn't support alphas.
  11. gerkx

    That New Reel Smell

    Thanks for the time & input! I appreciate it! I thought about putting in a butterfly or something, but never got to it, so I'll work on getting some sort of creature in there. And it's good to know I have a level! It always feels like everything is so meh, it's really hard for me to discern what sucks and what doesnt...
  12. gerkx

    That New Reel Smell

    Any comments or critism would be appreciated. Work has been scarce of late, so any help would mean a lot Thanks
  13. Well.. I'll be your tapa proxy then...
  14. So.. as the title suggests, anyone going to be at OFFFest this week? And if so, does anyone want to grab a beer or something while in town?
  15. Hey Guys, I've just finished updating my reel: Breakdowns and all that over on my site: http://gerkx.com/150918/reel Thoughts and comments? Thanks!
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