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  1. hey thanks a lot for the insightful replies guys, i REALLY appreciate it. I do think an education might help me and i found a course at Hyper Island in Sweden which is probably the closest and best course i can find, and i'll be working for a while to be able to pay the tuition, and meanwhile freelance whatever i can and try to learn more stuff on my own. I've been into 3d for a while now, like a year and a half, and started with modeling, then went to character animation and visual effects, compositing and then finally i've done a couple of motion graphics projects, and after some thought i came to the conclusion that it's really what i want to do. So one way or the other i'm fairly confident that i'll get there, although it's true what you guys said that i might get there faster if i were to be "coached" or just get some insight from real professionals. Two months into motion graphics now, i already feel like i'm stuck at a certain level, or maybe i'm expecting progress too sudden. As for my current work progress, you can check out some of my projects at www.youtube.com/voxyde , i know some most use vimeo but my current freelance opportunities come from youtube Hope i get to hear more from you guys, leave some feedback if you have time Cheers
  2. So if my work has production value (or will have), i don't really need a piece of paper that says that i studied this and that to get a job? People keep telling me that i won't be able to do shit unless i have a damn piece of paper(diploma), and i want to get opinions from people who actually work in this field
  3. basically the question is, should i try to get a diploma in motion graphics or start freelancing ? does a diploma in this field really help ? I'm fairly new to motion graphics but i've been working with 3ds max and after effects for a while, and recently switched to C4d and went full on hardcore motion graphics for a couple of months now, and i'm confident i can learn everything and get good without some fancy course what do you guys think?
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