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  1. blastframe

    c4D effectors to control other attributes

    Here's a video tutorial that might be of some help:
  2. I've written a script with many of the same features as the Mograph Cloner. You can use Shape Layers or regular layers...and you're not limited to the Transform properties. http://aescripts.com/overlap/
  3. Hi, I've just posted a quick tutorial explaining how to use a Plain Effector to drive any parameter in a Cloner instance (besides just transform/color). Affect Any Clone’s Parameter with an Effector in Cinema 4D
  4. blastframe

    Kevin Burke Reel 2013

    Hello, I've posted my new reel for 2013. Please check it out. Thanks!
  5. blastframe

    Kevin Burke Showreel 2012

    Kevin Burke Showreel 2012 https://vimeo.com/44610997
  6. blastframe

    Particles not rendering?

    You're not an idiot - you just helped me a lot!