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  1. Take the entire animation and put it inside a cube Set the cube to have a 100% transparent material on it with 1 for the IOR and no specular Put a compositing tag on the animation that is inside the cube and have it only set to seen by transparency/refraction Anything inside the transparent cube will show up, anything outside will not be seen by the camera -m
  2. try adding more subdivisions on your extrude shape, should do the trick
  3. Perhaps some fine cured meats?
  4. Was hoping to get some form of critique No one has bitten yet, womp womp....
  5. Managed to find a way in C4D which was right under my nose! Try out Cylindrical Lens in the Effects when you go to render. Might help you out....
  6. Thought I would post my new reel for all to see in the mograph.net community Have a look! http://www.semifiction.tv/reel/
  7. I know that you said C4D, however Arnold In Maya/Xsi lets you render out images with spherical lenses like this I do remember something in Vray for maya as well, perhaps its in the C4D version as well
  8. It's really a shame that soft no longer is being developed ICE kills it in the Mograph world in terms of user friendlyness Houdini has a nasty UI and a steep learning curve vs. Softimage
  9. Such a sad day :-( ICE is reason enough to have learned Softimage I wonder if they will port those features to Maya and Max......maybe I should stop holding my breath.....
  10. Try using Roughen Edges Should do the trick
  11. had this same issue.... Took the object I wanted to use as the source and just made a simple flat version of it. Another way was that I just used a shader effector and drove my clones with a luminance map Also rather than trying to use clones, why dont you use TP and then use the PVolumePosition node? This would be very similar to in ICE making a "Test within Geometry" node hope that helps...
  12. Nascar Driver ID's

  13. Anything dealing with UV mapping in Cinema4d is a horror show.
  14. Cinema is still missing alot of the helpful features that Autodesk products have, though it makes up for that with mograph and being so friendly with AE
  15. Thanks for the great advice! As well as the comments on my reel. It's going to be in issue 207 of computer arts which I find pretty exciting
  16. Currently I am staff at a company that has merged a number of times and has seen better days over the past few years. I am contemplating the idea of going freelance in order to hone my craft and ultimately have the chance to do better work within the realm of Motion Graphics / 3D. I have my own reservations about this though as I have been working with the same team for quite a while now. The only reason I can justify staying where I am at is that it is a steady job with good pay and the office relationships. Some questions for any New York City based freelancers: 1) Have any of you started staff somewhere and made the transition to a successful freelancer, and if so how did it shakeout with your employer at the time? 2) How did you market yourself in order to get booked on jobs at different shops? 3) What applications did you specialize in at the time, and did you change any of your skill sets once you made that jump to being a freelancer? As of right now I use AfterEffects and Cinema4D most days. Though I have been teaching myself XSI and have been using it on some home projects as well as some basic Nuke. In the long run I want to get more into commercials either on the 3d or Compositing side of things. Have a look at my site / reel: www.semifiction.tv Any input helps. Thanks!
  17. Just finished the broadcast package for the 64th Primtime Emmy Awards

  18. Renders of the video screens from Rhianna's VMA Performance. Pretty nuts to see soft being used. As well as a nice snake rig made for this. Read more about it on the blog here: http://shedmtl.blogspot.ca/2012/09/rihanna-cockiness-behind-scenes.html
  19. Will the people with the screens be using some sort of "chunking" software. i.e. Watchout?
  20. the crowd simulation stuff is really intuative and easy to get running FAST
  21. if you need to create crowds of any kind....look no further.... http://www.cgchannel.com/2012/03/softimage-2013-gets-new-crowdfx-crowd-tools/
  22. Finally! Can't Wait to use this in production!
  23. the even bigger shame is that more people dont see the true potential for creativity here with such an open system of node based programming. i am suprised autodesk still supports maya on OSX
  24. Lets bring this beast back to the masses
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