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  1. zeperez

    Reel 2008-2012

    Our work reflects our life style, our personality. We become transparent through it. And your words are talking about this. Perhaps unintentionally. Maybe not. However, you are absolutely right in your words. And many things began to change today. Thank you very much.
  2. zeperez

    Reel 2008-2012

    Hey, thank you very much! Your criticisms helped me alot. I will use all of them in my next reel. I will end up next December. it's hard for me to leave some work outside the reel. =.] But you're absolutely right about the time of reel. It's too long, and I have to edit better this. I made those videos mirrored, because they're in SD and the reel is HD. I like them and I didn't found another way to organize them. But ok, maybe is time of delete some vídeos. One more time: thank you! (sorry about any english wrong)
  3. zeperez

    Reel 2008-2012

    Hi, My name's José, i'm a motion designer from Brazil. I would get some feedback of my work. Thank you very much. https://vimeo.com/37590667
  4. I like very much, beautiful work. but I felt a little lost in your site. What your name? I could not find this information on site. And your reel, although beautiful, I think that is very short in relation to your work. See you!
  5. where is my mind?

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