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  1. Hello! Here is my second motion graphic. I used After Effects/Illustrator/Photoshop. http://youtu.be/vUyZc-6J-4g Please be honest, again this is my second attempt and would love some sage advice. Thanks! Dan
  2. Thanks so much everyone! These are great links! Very helpful! Any other resources that are specifically for After Effects??? Or is there a better program for this type of animation? Toon Boom or something similar? Thanks again! This forum rocks!
  3. Woah! Thanks. This is simply amazing! And the price in right too. Thanks for taking the time to share, this will become part of my process.
  4. Any great resources for 2D character animation? Please post here!
  5. sbmotiondesign Aaron Scott Great idea and a great resource. I will be using both of your advice! Thanks so much!
  6. thekinginyellow Thank you for you critique. I agree, it is too slow paced. As far as the simple vector design, I was trying to match the design ethic of the organization, simple, flat colors. Maybe too simple though? AromaKat Thank you too for those very insightful observations. They have been taken very seriously and I am in the process of researching what you stated. Do either of you have any character animation suggestions for this piece? Can anyone recommend a character animation resource on the web? Tutorials etc? Thanks again for your insights and time!!!! Anyone else have any advice?
  7. Hello! Here is my first character animation done completely in After Effects/Illustrator. https://vimeo.com/40260607 Please be honest, again this is my first attempt and would love some sage advice. Thanks! Dan
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