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    Motion graphics, 3D, Movies, Read, Knowing people, Music
  1. Thanks for your advices sbmotiondesign!!! I'll work hard in that way to achieve something soon! Thanks again!!
  2. Whoa!!! Thanks florio. That's just the top reason I came to mograph.net. I wanted to know where I am. It's really impressive how guys in this kind of job make incredible stuff. And you are totally right when you say: "...developing your own style is both the most difficult/most rewarding process I've ever encountered." Thanks for your comments. This is a project I made for my personal stuff, check it out here: Cheers to you too man!! Thanks again!!
  3. Thank you daveglanz for your comments... What do you suggest me to achieve my own style?? What could it be the next step??
  4. Hello there everybody!! This is my first post in here... I would like to receive comments on my demo 2012: I'm trying to start working in this motion graphics world... I will appreciate some suggestions on how to move myself on this world too... thanks in advance!!
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