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  1. thannnks Grundly!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. and here its is the second Id! HOpe you like it! and leave some feedback!
  3. Hi fellas! here is the one of two summers id's that I made for AXN Spain ans Portugal ( Sony Pictures) done in Cinema 4d and vray. hope you like it !
  4. http://vimeo.com/66018500 https://vimeo.com/59513130 https://vimeo.com/59792723 https://vimeo.com/66087246 https://vimeo.com/66090107 https://vimeo.com/66090562
  5. Computer arts is gonna show up my reel in their magazine!!! yessssss
  6. Computer arts is gonna show up my reel in their magazine!!! yessssss
  7. Computer arts is gonna show up my reel in their magazine!!! yessssss
  8. Thanks Joe, I'll keep in mind your advices for the nex time!!!!! thanks!
  9. Thanks guy for the feedback ! About the workflow, we shoot the original footage, and then we drow it in Photoshop frame by frame with the girl at 12fps . We add some 3D elements and we make then look like the girl frame by frame on PS. Pretty much all the elements go in Alpha Channel to use them as we want in AE. It was a really hard work, but when you get to see the finished video it looks sooo nice !!! if you guys have some more cuestions just ask! hope you get my english!! thanks again!
  10. Hi guys! I want to show you one of the work that we done for a spanish shoe company. We were asked by Spanish shoe maker Victoria (calzadosvictoria.com/) to create a TV Ad for its new line "Monocromo". Our goal was to show the freshness and coolness of this new Eco friendly product. The concept we worked to achieve it was "Victoria shoes color up every step you take". Animation was done frame by frame. Hope you like it, and waiting for some fresh feedback! http://vimeo.com/51457756
  11. Thanks Dave!!! I appreciate your feedback and I really like your choice of song in your reel!!!! you have and awesome work! thanks
  12. agree, sometimes other point of view bring you the light to your project/work. I guess the most difficult part could be the creative idea of the project and is this part where I need more time to. If u dont have enough time to renders as happen so many times to us you can always use renderfarms. (hating deadlines)
  13. I made it as an titles exercise of the master at IED Madrid , pretty much all of the pieces, school, contests and personal works. thanks for the feedback!
  14. Hey guys! I'm new in the forum, and I thought the best way to say HELLO is showing my last Reel. Im from Madrid, Spain, 26 and hoping have fun, learn and share with you guys here!!! https://vimeo.com/45245842
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