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  1. I'd also have a look at this: https://vimeo.com/42083827 If you apply the cloth tag to a selection of verts it should drape from there and then you can apply any dynamics you want (wind etc), along with deformers or whatever else Pretty cool
  2. LOL! Yeah industrial design is funny that way especially with technology. How unique can a cube ever be? http://philipbloom.net/2012/09/05/bmd/ http://vimeo.com/48956550 Weird camera indeed.. as mentioned earlier in this thread all the accessories = $$$ Especially SSDs if shooting RAW, not to mention the hassle. Definitely a 'cinema'/'film' cameraThe dynamic range is all well and good.. or if you're making a serious film or you could just light properly... Well, you have to anyway because how great can the low light really be (despite some decent tests I've seen).. the sensor is tiny
  3. Maybe, but just watching a PhilipBloom review video of the FS700 he mentioned 40mbps 4:2:2 (that's the stat I was looking for and had heard mentioned before).Which means with both the 5d3 and D800 you would need to use the external recorder (D800 is only like 24mbps, 5d3 is up to 90 but still 4:2:0). Maybe not for ads but for channel content/shows?
  4. Hahah, I was going to suggest both those. Both awesome/helpful for sure! IK's are a bit of a pain depending what you're trying to do though... sometimes simple parenting or puppet tool are great, like Ryan's tuts
  5. Very cool, thanks. I'm keen to try this out for sure. I might give xreTIME a go on my cloth simulation animation here To slow down the initial impacts.. I was trying to bake verts to keyframes and stretch them out but without the clothnurbs/tag the geometry went crazy... ballooned out And the other method here didn't work either http://www.helloluxx.com/cinema4d-cloth/slo-mo-with-cinema4d-cloth/ I probably should just model my own objects cleanly from scratch
  6. Thanks for this everyone, great idea! Will add to it if I think of anything that isn't there..
  7. Does anyone who has this camera wish it had a viewfinder? I suppose you can get external EVF one / large monitor but for certain types of shooting it would be a big help right? That's one big thing the the C300 has over it, in addition to better formfactor for hand held etc. Philip Bloom's massive blog post on this and other cameras is hillarious! http://philipbloom.n...1/19/conundrum/
  8. ^ Yeah, I've been thinking about upgrading to 5d3 from my 7d, and you're spot on its because its such a nice stills/timelapse camera in addition to video being great (with sharpening in post) There are definitely better video/film cameras out there for similar price now and have been for a while (fs100, now BMCC etc). But they're more fiddly anyway and I'm just used to DSLRs and all the accessories that come along with them now if I ever need to shoot stuff.. Still the only real main reason to upgrade is full frame, a very different pronounced bokeh affect, and obviously getting the full FOV out of EF lenses like my 24-105 on the wide end... In many ways its not groundbreaking, but would have to wait 2-3 years for the next gen of these cameras... (at least fullframe ones, and I doubt they will give the 700d, 70d, 7d2 better specs than 5d3/6d anyway it would screw everything) With the external recording, I suppose one benefit would be broadcast certification? 4:2:2 colour, high bitrate etc..? Or is the 4:2:0 90mps All-I frame h264 already fine for broadcast too? I mean with major networks like BBC etc..
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