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  1. I just ran into the same issue. It's an easy fix, provided you use ON AXIS placement. By adding left and right child cameras to your stereoscopic camera, and then manually (or xpresso) linking your Eye Separation *-0.5 to your left cam, and *0.5 to your right cam. Then add another null child to your Stereoscopic Cam, set its X=0 and Y=0 and Z=Zero Parallax. Target your Left and Right Cameras to that and you're good to go. Drag your c4d file into after effects and you'll have your Left and Right Camera ready for use.
  2. This theme looks great! I'd love to get it but the domain registration has expired, could anybody in this thread re-post please?
  3. I've been using c4d for ten years now and have always been frustrated with c4d's lack of kerning. The kernimator is a good first step but quite a hack and messy if you get into texturing or using other effectors, and the kerning effector, also a big step forward, is still limited to flush left only, and the attribute window interface is cumbersome to use, all that guessing which letter is which number, especially once it comes to making changes to the text. So I've been working on an xpresso solution that uses the HUD system as an elegant UI that puts the kerning controls exactly where you need them, between the letters you're kerning, and you can turn it off when it's not needed. It works centered, flush left, flush right, single line and multiple lines. Additionally you can offset letters on the y and z axis, in R12, R13 and the R14 demo. Reviews: “There have been multiple scripts, presets, and plugins to allow Typophiles to control their typography in Cinema, none however, as useful and robust as Kernit.” - LesterBanks.com “I've had this only two days and already used it three times at work. Very useful #C4D type tool with clever UI concept. http://c4dtools.net/kernit/” - Robert Leger on twitter “New #C4D tool: "Kernit" - kerning type has never been that easy and intuitive! #c4dtools http://c4d3d.com/Ro4iJR” - MAXON on twitter Check it out: https://vimeo.com/48473577 http://c4dtools.net/kernit/
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