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  1. xtagorix

    Hand drawn animations

    I made this little collection of hand drawn animations i created in photoshop and bellow is a link with all the separated elements with alpha. dropbox.com/s/q28jke2ztzkmlzs/psd_Animations_tagori_v01.zip?dl=0
  2. xtagorix

    What blogs do you follow?

    Blogs, probably none, but i still follow motionographer on a weekly basis, and designiskinky on like... every 3 months maybe. If you count podcasts i go back a lot to thecollectivepodcast.com but look like he's slowing down with production.
  3. In C4D Put the cars inside a cloner, put the cloner and another square inside a boole object, square on top of the of the list. Animate the position of the the cloner from left to right. Thats it, same with the corn crop scene.
  4. Interesting, i didn't knew your website, gonna watch those octane tutorials later. Thanks for sharing!
  5. xtagorix

    I just posted some new jobs i finished.

    Something else different than all the sports stuff:
  6. xtagorix

    Day 04: Some tricks for the "3D-Photo-Scene" Gag

    Some pretty good tips there, thanks!
  7. xtagorix

    Behance Finally!

    I followed you too: https://www.behance.net/tagorixxx
  8. xtagorix

    I just posted some new jobs i finished.

    and one more: and some of the process here: https://www.behance.net/tagorixxx
  9. xtagorix

    Houdini Indie

    I'm trying to start learn Houdini for years, never go more than a day without give up. Unfortunately because i see how much better than Maya are the fluids in Houdini, i'm gonna try this engine.
  10. xtagorix

    Experimental Short - Thoughts?

    It's pretty good for a experiment, i'll just say it's a little bit longer, would stop right after changes color and before the second song. I wish i the time and energy to spend on personal projects!
  11. xtagorix

    Showreel 2014

    "They're like a bad cornflake in an otherwise delicious bowl." haha very good reel indeed.
  12. xtagorix

    Behance Finally!

    Some sweet animations, cool style, it's cel animation?
  13. xtagorix

    Multishow - On Air Refresh

    Pretty cool.
  14. San Diego Padres: Atlanta Falcons: Mc Donalds: using C4D and After Effects.
  15. xtagorix

    Handmade Looping Texture Pack - Free!

    Wow awesome stuff, thank you!