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  1. Hey guys, I am very new to this, hence I am just going to put it out there.. I am doing a course in VFX and 3D animation, which includes maya, nuke, boujou, after effects (keying, roto, tracking etc) but not many plug-ins usage... Optical flares, Trapcode is stuff i learnt on my own.. Now my course is coming to an end and they have recently introduced motion graphics as a 3 month course for an additional amount to be paid.. I am still in the making of my demo reel though just with the knowledge of keying and tracking I wouldn't land a job I want... My main concern is do I need to do this course to learn motion graphics... or will I be able to learn cinema 4D and other tools by myself...? I mean, I do not have a starter point... Also what other plug-ins do I need to go through to learn motion graphics and where do I start from? Secondly, What kind of a job am I looking at if I want to work majorly with motion graphics? Any advice or guidance is welcome... I hope you guys can help me out here... Thanks, Saaniya
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