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  1. I've heard the tern 'Knolling' applied to those instagrammy images looking down upon neatly arranged stuff. Otherwise I would just check out shutterstock or whatever stock site and include overhead, top down, etc in your searches. People know these types of images are desired so even if you search 'coffee cup' there should be plenty of overhead shots anyway. A quick search of 'overhead desk' on shutterstock returned over 5,000 images that are probably exactly what you are thinking of
  2. Thanks AromaKat. That has worked mostly, but the object buffers still back up sometimes. Working on a pretty new iMac spec'd up as much as I could, I would think it should handle it. MAXON suggested I turn down my Custom Render Threads preference setting so that there is more RAM per processor which gives some headroom there. Going to test that tonight and see how it goes.
  3. Thanks Vozz, Was hoping that wasnt the answer but figured it was. Funnily enough, I turned unchecked save for the multipass, figuring it would bring it back to stability and I could figure that out later, and it worked.....including saving out my object buffers.... What voodoo is this? whatever works i guess...lets just hope it's repeatable.
  4. I'm running into this issue where using Team Render in R15 causes the main machine to crash, usually with the error that Machine 01 is out of memory. I've narrowed it down to happening when the .b3d files coming back to the main machine start backing up because they cannot be processed faster than they are being sent back by the multiple render nodes. I'm fairly sure this is the issue because I have solved this instability temporarily by using fewer nodes on my faster-per-frame scene, and by rendering a heavier scene, but now I am running into it with my heavier scene because a few of my simple Object Buffer frames are coming back too quickly and jamming everything up. What the fuck!? Is this a known issue, or am I doing something idiotic? seems like a serious bug to me. Half ranting / half wondering if anyone else has run into this or found a solution. Luckily this is a preview so I can just leave out the object buffers for now, but this will become a serious issue going forward... Thanks for any insight!
  5. Cool idea! that was my initial thought as well, but you run into problems when you turn the view left or right because the spheres are now one behind the other instead of beside eachother. Still, you've got me interested! There are definite workarounds using multi cam methods and stitching vs the shiny sphere method I outlined. Definitely on my list of things to add / create for this new realm of video, whichever way ends up working
  6. I put together a quick walkthrough for hacking a spherical camera in Cinema4D with native tools. Check it out here: https://sbowes.wordpress.com/2015/09/09/360o-vr-animation-with-cinema-4d/ Started playing with SkyBox for AE as well. The developers over there are super nice, and are about to release an update that is quite a bit more powerful. Looks quite promising! Will post an update about that once I get a little further into it. I hope somebody finds this helpful!
  7. So good. This is awesome Joey, definitely would love to see more of these. The Full-Project tutorials are awesome as well by the way! So much to learn along the way about process. Keep it up!
  8. I would love to learn a bit about that graymachine. I've been toying with the idea, and have heard its not that bad to do, but a solid tut geared towards a mograph portfolio would kill the last of my excuses for putting it off
  9. How do you pull that curve from brightness in AE? Thats a pretty neat trick
  10. Effects>Transitions>Scale Wipe gives that stretched look seen around 1:00 in the D. o. S. video Effects>Time>Time Displacement can give some funky datamoshy looks to video as well
  11. Nice work! Some comments on Visions of America: Projection mapping really comes alive when the shape of the structure is used really tightly. The illusions are strongest after about 2:30 when you begin using light effects and shadow, and objects that transform within their boundaries more. this allows the beauty of the structure to shine through, and adds to it with light, as opposed to some other areas where the visuals are not complementing the structure as well and the projection mapped illusion is broken. When the illusion is broken you are essentially just projecting onto a sub-optimal bumpy screen. There are some great moments in there though, and a lot of those visuals could be improved by using some as a background, and a tighter visual on the central element. That is a complex surface to work with though, so kudos for what you were able to pull off!
  12. I just read this, checked out the link, and then unconsciously tabbed over to facebook and started scrolling....I think I need this.
  13. sbowes

    704 frames

    I really like this! It has great personality, while telling a fun story about your character and the emotions evoked by this type of music through his morphing into the abstract elements. Especially the Hulk Smash move! I always feel like I could destroy a city when I am dancing around to music like this haha
  14. derrr looks like compositing tags will probably do me some good. I gave up on google too soon! as you were, nothing to see here...
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