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  1. Nice design, few areas seemed rushed or forced. I don't like the record bouncing with the beat. Movie show is really fast. I really like what you did at .23 that entire transition is very nice and fluid.
  2. MayoFlux

    new demo reel...

    That's some pretty cool stuff. I don't know how i feel about some of the name dropping you pushed into your reel. I'm guilty of that too. At 0.29, the sphere with the people appearing from it in the shape of the countries; how did you get it so that the cubes were not intersecting? I've built something similar using the mograph shader on a cloner, but i never figured out how to keep them so nicely lined up with different sizes as you did. Please don't tell me you placed those all one by one haha.
  3. What program are you using? Editing those properties are pretty basic.
  4. You have nice work, but it repeats, almost all of it. That is not necessarily bad, however you should show more. The planet thing and the V is boring.
  5. We did a short run of free tutorials: http://mayoflux.tv/tutorials.html I would like to start these up again and offer more. What can we do better? What do you want to learn?
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    Freelancing sometimes takes up all your time. Sometimes you end up with a lot of free time, and we update our reels.
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