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  1. Hi guys,


    Wondering if anybody has any recommendations for remote working/viewing options.


    I work a lot from home and even when I'm not working I'm often geeking out on Mograph stuff.

    Problem is that's not too fun for my partner and I'm sure she'd like some breathing space.

    I'm making a big push right now to get to the next level which can be hard with the distractions at home.

    Plus happy wife, happy life right?


    I'm lucky enough to be able to work late or at weekends from the studio I work for but my passion right now is learning X-Particles and Octane which they don't have. So I really would love to be able to remotely hook up my PC, to be operated and viewed through the imac at work.


    Any ideas? It would be nice not to have to waste power when I'm not using the PC remotely and I need a solution that is preferably free (or v.cheap!) and not laggy/overly compressed. Also bonus points for not needing to get too techy - I'm ok on the mac side and love my PC but not so good under the hood!


    Appreciate any insight :)



  2. Hi,


    I'm using Ubertracer which is perfect for my needs.


    What I'm having trouble with is that I want to render it with hair. Unfortunately it doesnt seem possible, but several sources online point to a solution: use a standard Mograph tracer, place Ubertracer in the trace link and connect all elements/objects.


    This kinda works - when a hair material is assigned to the tracer, Ubertracer renders but unfortunately with additional splines that the tracer object itself has generated.


    Does anyone out there have any idea how to render just the Ubertracer splines but not the ones generated by the Mograph tracer object?


    I want to use hair for fast render so sweep nurbs is a no no ;)







  3. Hey if you have the budget I would be tempted to use this plugin.



    This wont help with your shading but you could use your mattes to generate actual geometry which you could then colour. You'd be able to assign a new material per window part/colour - as long as you had a separate matte. It would certainly be a lot quicker to generate these kind of shapes than hand modelling.


    Alternatively you could do this all within one shader. Look into the reflectance settings in your material - which will allow you to use alpha channels. You could build a shader using the layer system and a bunch of alphas.

  4. Thanks all for the replies.


    For anyone interested this is my current build spec.



    I got some advice from Tom Glimps at the Otoy forums - he seems to be one of the most clued up guys out there on building for Octane use. I'm waiting for him to hopefully give this new list a look over.

    I think what's changed since I first started looking was that he advised to get a CPU with 40 lanes and a reference cooler designed 980ti so the heat blows out of the case, not inside. So the CPU is a bit more powerful too and cost a little bit extra but worth it long term.


    There's a couple of other things that haven't changed such as motherboard but thats mainly due to my lack of understanding in what i need and card spacing etc.


    If anyone is interested this is the current thread on ten Otoy forums:



    I'm still pretty confused by all this. In particular the motherboard requirement and I've been told that the case I was looking at is huge. Not really sure what to replace it with. I do know that cooling and airflow is essential to get the best from the video cards.

    I'm also pretty maxed out on affordability know so hopefully this ends up being 'the one' ;)


    Thanks again for input and anything else you want to add is appreciated.







  5. Hi,

    So long story short. I bought an Imac (stupid move) now I'm going to sell and finally move to the dark side. Last time I used a PC was 10 years ago. Looking for a build which initially will have one GPU and then in a few months allow me to add a second. I'll be using Octane render for C4D.

    I'm totally useless with part picking but a guy at work is looking at doing the same thing. Is there anything in this list that isn't going to be good?

    Also if anyone has an opinion of the Del Ultrasharp 27 that would be great

    I'm sure everyone has there own variation here and there but I'm really just making sure that if i buy these parts I'm not going to regret it!

    Thanks in advance!

    Component Selection Base Promo Shipping Tax Price Where CPU 3e1e53e1c14368995d467c7d0ff1b7e3.med.256 $569.00 $569.00 PLE Computers Buy CPU Cooler 7cdd6e9ad8fcbd55b14a29f85bfa563d.med.256 $178.00 $178.00 CPL Online Buy Motherboard 64a27abce17e9a42425e0a80a290ce6e.256p.jp $375.00 $375.00 PCCaseGear Buy Memory 696f0a550d8957c81e027d123141f654.med.256 $383.00 $383.00 IJK Buy Storage 5b7e8c4d0946f34f06dd4110f0b4a23f.med.256 $260.00 $260.00 Umart Buy 5b7e8c4d0946f34f06dd4110f0b4a23f.med.256 $260.00 $260.00 Umart Buy Video Card 0b77f1594591ec6b1ec1656ea3ace30f.256p.jp $1079.00 $1079.00 Centre Com Buy Case 0ee52582806d68938aa8e58c6d9ed7aa.med.256 $189.50 $189.50 Centre Com Buy Power Supply e68b656ec5c08b976b071f66a765e619.med.256 $149.00 $149.00 Umart Buy Total: $3442.50


  6. Many thanks to everyone!

    So Ive started speccing out this new Octane readymachine. Heres what I have so far.

    It’s going to cost more than I was hoping but I would like to get as close to $4500 (AUD) as possible. I realise certain things will probably need to be sacrificed.

    Total ($AUD) excluding SSD HD, regular HD, Motherboard, Monitor and PSU = 3129

    So I’m getting close to my Max of $4500 AUD.

    I’ve seen cheaper SSD and regular drives on CPL but not sure if they would be any good?

    I really have absolutely no clue at all about what I need from a motherboard, PSU either.

    And of course I’ll need a pretty decent monitor too for my work, preferably 27” or close enough.

    Ideally 4K but Im probably dreaming haha.

    I’ve read that the 780 Strix GPU is good as it has 6gb Ram. My next choice if I can’t get hold of them would be 'GPU X 1 - Evga 04G-P4-2986-Kr Nvidia Geforce Gtx 980 Ftw Graphic Card 4Gb - CPL ($820)'

    What do you think of this build? - I read about the DDR4 ram but its pushing the price up. So Im hoping I can get by with DDR3. I realise the storage isnt massive but I can always increase that next year.

    Ill be buying from CPL Online most likely. Id love to know your thoughts so I don’t buy a stinker. Thanks for all the advice so far, its massively appreciated!

  7. Hi,


    thanks everyone for the replies.


    Despite my wishes to stay with Mac it does seem that PC makes the most sense.

    My only issue with this (other than finding equivalents for software etc - thanks for the link!) is that I haven't built a PC for 15 years and really don't have a clue when it comes to picking parts. In fact I find the whole process pretty intimidating, mainly because I can't really afford to buy the wrong thing!


    What would you suggest?


    My budget is pretty much the cost of a new fully specced imac retina (top CPU, upgraded GFX card/32gb independently sourced ram)


    Imac retina:

    4.0ghz QUAD Core Intel i7

    8 GB Ram default

    1 TB storage drive

    4GB Radeon R9 M295X 4GB GDDR5

    $3600 (Australian dollars)

    Cost of extra ram: $495 32GB (Australian dollars)

    Total cost: 4095 (Australian dollars)

    Is there a PC build you could recommend for this budget?

    The monitor and operating system would need to be included in that too - 27" or near enough.

    Expandability would be nice if I can find the $$$ for extra GPU.

    CPU still important as would need to work on some projects in C4D without Octane.

    I'm a freelancer so this machine is geared towards working efficiently and spending less time rendering.

    Really appreciate any input. I found a few threads from 2013 but are obviously outdated. Hopefully others looking at jumping ship will find this info useful.






  8. Hi everybody,

    I’m looking for some advice on a new mac purchase.

    I need a mac primarily for design, editing and 2D/3D motion graphics but also everyday use.

    I also need a monitor as I’ve been using a MBP retina up to now.

    So I’m thinking of getting the following:

    imac retina

    4.0GHz Quad Core i7 (turbo boost up to 4.4Ghz)

    32GB ram

    with AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4GB GDDR5

    Which will be fine for most tasks (I’ll keep my laptop for team render) but no Nvidia = no CUDA.

    I have a big shopping list of things I’m continuing to learn but pretty soon I’m going to want to try GPU rendering, almost certainly using Octane as it seems to have the biggest take-up of any GPU based renderer.

    I know I probably should get a PC at this stage, but I’m kicking and screaming against it for many reasons which I won’t detail here.

    My question is once I reach that point and assuming Open CL take up is still some time away will I be able to connect an external chassis, power unit and a 2-3 Nvidia/cuda cards, connected to my iMac retina over Thunderbolt 2?

    At this point my limited understanding melts my puny brain. I have all kinds of concerns about cooling/blowing up expensive graphics cards and I have no idea if this is even possible over Thunderbolt 2. Maybe the data will be too much to handle through a single thunderbolt connection. Will the iMac recognise the cards connected in this way, will Octane be as responsive as if it was connected over PCI? etc etc…

    I’m sure a lot of freelancers/small studios are also pondering the future of GPU rendering using macs so any help is really appreciated before I waste my dollars on a grand plan that won’t pan out. Like I said, I know a Windows PC makes the most sense but I’m looking for a mac only solution.

    Many thanks!


  9. Thanks for the reply!


    Never thought about simply changing the anchor point on a editable object. It's always the simple things!

    I'm still having some issues with the 'flat' projection, I'm changing the material mapping to flat (the one on my cloner, set to multi shader) but it doesn't map the texture across all the cubes. Actually it apparently does something strange to the appearance of the geometry and some faces become invisible. Anyone got any clue where I'm going wrong?


    Thanks again for solving the scaling issue though!

  10. I've been asked to recreate the effect seen here, as a way of displaying showreel videos.

    http://www.jakemathew.com (It's the video 10, the cubes)


    Here's my attempt so far:



    In this example he uses the sound effector I think to drive the movement/extrude of the cubes.
    I'm trying to achieve essentially the same thing but with the extrude of the cubes driven by a mograph shader effector.
    Then I will use a multi shader texture to map the textures over the cubes.
    My method seems a little flawed as I am using the shader effector to non-uniformly control the Y-Scaling on the cloned cubes. This gives two problems:
    1 - The cubes scale in both directions - not from the base
    2 - The cubes textures stretch over Y - which looks ugly.
    Looking at his example the textures on his cubes seem to stretch the pixels of the cube edge. Whereas in my version the entire texture is stretched in Y.
    This makes me think he used a different method to achieve the result.
    Can anyone shed any light on how he achieved the effect? Or alternative ways to go about this? I've reached the limits of my (limited) C4D knowledge and would love to know how to get past that last 10% and get this finished.


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