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    The artist makes the work, machines just make it easier so at the end of the day both products can help you make cool shit but your not better because your on a mac vs. a pc :)




    I've been say'n it for years. Truer words can not be spoken. Hat tipped.

  2. So was recently diving into some of my old AE projects and found a cool glass shatter generator project I made way back in cs3. I had forgotten that I made this and was so stoked to find it that I was going to record a tutorial on how to make it and overview it. Problem is, I used the plug in "Vector Paint" to drive animation (the generator part, where each frame is equal to random seed) and the look of the effect was also driven by vector paint. Vector paint is no longer available in cs5 or above, now I am sad. It is a powerful tool for visual effects and motion graphics when you need to get some stock glass shatter tifs.


    Question: should I record this tutorial since it used cs3? I know the software is out of date..way out of date. but the effect is priceless and could save a lot of visual effects artist when they need glass shatter stock images.

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