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  1. Some interesting facts about 2d to s3d conversion of 'The Matrix'. You have to see it by yourself: Enjoy
  2. MSU Graphics & Media Lab has analyzed 5 stereo films and revealed the stereo 'bugs', coursing the eyestrain and headache while watching 3D movies: horizontal and vertical disparity sharpness mismatch color mismatch The report has been contributed by stereographers Ross Copeland, Alfredo Gonzalez, Srboljub Hetlerovic, Jon Karafin and Julian Napier. The free downloadable report consists of 246 pages and comprises of three main parts: Thorough description of visual-discomfort potential causes while viewing stereo 3D films. Detailed analysis of five films. Each film description consists of two parts: - Full per-frame analysis with charts showing metric values for each frame. - Visualizations demonstrating artefacts in frames that earned a poor rating according to their metrics. Overall film comparison. Charts depict the average metric values and distribution of these values in each film. A key motive of this message is to improve the stereo quality and therefore to reduce eye- and headache. If you share the opinion, request the analysis here and help to spread this information. Analyzed films: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Resident Evil: Afterlife Step Up 3D Galapagos: The Enchanted Voyage Into the Deep Example of vertical disparity and color mismatch: http://www.3dfocus.co.uk/3d-news-2/stereoscopic-errors-of-five-3d-movies-revealed/12505
  3. Hi, mograph fellows, I like watching 3D movies but my eyes do not. The 'special effects' as eyestrain and headache often spoil the impressions. I think, you have expereinced sometimes the same. What’s the matter of annoyance? I've found an answer in the analysis of 5 films and I'd like to share it with you (request it here ) Graphics & Media Lab of MSU seems to come to the point of discomfort reasons: horizontal or vertical disparity sharpness mismatch color mismatch Example of vertical disparity and color mismatch from the analysis I've been impressed, learning about the discomfort reasons. Enjoy reading it too
  4. A short tutorial about depth propagation tool, helping to reduce significantly the roto masks number, to create depth maps for background and foreground. Less manual work is needed, more time for a coffee break Take a look:
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