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  1. Sorry base80, not sure what you're saying here.
  2. Really comprehensive solution Docphibs. Its another solution and probably the best one... forgot about the connect object!
  3. Hi, Yeah the drawings don't really explain it... I need the splines to 'wrap' up and around the foot... making them 'mask' on with a boolean isn't an option I'm afraid. I can hide the reveal of the actually leg jus not the formation of the whole foot...
  4. Hi there, The first image shows a foot pressing into cloned polygon strips using the collision deformer. It's working fine, but because of the amount of polygons needed to get the detail in the foot shape it is making moving round the scene really slow. I know I can use a flat plane and an image on it and deform that, but I need this to be made of splines because of the way the animation progresses... I was wondering if this could be done using splines and hair as the render rather than using polygons. I've tried cloning a load of splines with hair material on them but the spline dynamics and hair collider tag only work with an individual splines it seems.... I've tried the hair object and attached hairs to strips but I need the hairs to be anchored at both ends. Is this possible? I'm not massively familiar with the hair system to be honest. The 2 drawings show what needs to happen after the deformation. The white lines need to wrap round the foot completely and up the leg... so this requires more than a footprint... I know that some trickery can be used here - such as the splines for the leg form out of know where... thats fine but the foot will need more thought. I was thinking of morphing from an initial spline state through a few intermediate states to the final foot shape using the pose morph tag. However because of the amount of splines needed this is going to be a really tough task! Any suggestions on an alternative solutions to this? Cheers, Luke
  5. waaaait...problem! If I add a sweep nurb to the spline, the shader effector deforms the mesh... how can this be worked around?
  6. Ok the obvious solution that somehow escaped me and a few others it wold seem is CLONE THE SPLINE AND USE A SHDER EFFECTOR WITH A TEXTURE TAG.... Kicking myself right now!!
  7. Also the Uber Tracer is a great solution as you just limit the distance which prevents that extra unwanted lines from appearing.
  8. Thanks jm. Its certainly a workable solution... if I need hundreds of splines though, not so practical!
  9. I knew there was something I'd forgotten to say I do not want. Yeah I do no want this to be made using a texture. I need the splines for other things later on. Cheers anyway.
  10. Hi there, I'm trying to get a vast grid of clones to connect together with splines horizontally using the tracer object. The 2nd image is how I want the clones to be manipulated and the splines to react. What I don't want is for the spline to continue from one end of the row to the next as show below. Note: I need this grid of clones to be effected by a single shader, so this setup cannot operate as separate lines, cloned into a grid. Note: I do no want this to be made using a texture on geometry. It needs to be splines. What's the answer here please guys? Cheers, Luke.
  11. Feeling like I have a hell of lot to offer....

  12. Mid-Level Motion Graphic Designer Contact: Lukebuzby@gmail.com 07818607130 (UK) SHOWREEL: https://vimeo.com/57765901 A dynamic motion graphic designer with strengths in conceptualisation and style. Key skills include 3D modelling and animation, with a keen eye for detail throughout the whole design process. Exceptional communication skills and able to work closely with clients ensuring all deliverables are met. Can follow briefs as part of a team or independently and not shy of directing others. A previous career in sound design and music production brings a unique perspective to projects and an extra set of skills Visual skills Cinema 4D • Maya • After Effects • Premier • PF Track • Nuke Phototshop • Illustrator • InDesign Music and sound skills Cubase • Logic • Pro Tools Work experience 2010 July - Present Motion Graphic Designer and Sound Designer at Uber Creative London • Modeling, animating and compositing digital media for various clients including Coke • Mars • Cafe Nero • Tata • 3M • Samsung • Eastman Plastics • Sky • Produced and composed music and sound effects for film and animation. • Generating ideas and styles, from initial storyboard workshops to final execusion. • Directing and deligating tasks to other designers. 2008 - 2010 Assistant Art Director to Tom Lardner of Tom Lardner Ltd. • Assisting in the production of fashion photo-shoots. • Design and layout of various advertising campaings for Fullcircle, Firetrap, Warehouse and other High-street fashion brands. 2003 - 2007 Paper & Glue Freelance Music Producer and co-founder of independant record label, Paper & Glue • Co-founder of electronic pop/rock band, Temposhark. • Producing and arranging music for Temposhark and other artists including Imogene Heap, Kate Havnevik, Guy Sigsworth, Camille and Avril. 2005 - 2007 Live vocalist and Keyboard performances with Temposhark. Performing at various venues and festivals across the UK and America. • Supporting Grace Jones at TDK Cross Central music festival 2005 • Latitude Music Festival 2006 • SXSW Music Festival 2006 in Austin Texas • Supporting Darren Hayes from Savage Garden on his American Tour in 2007. References available on request
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