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  1. In this post I’ll show you how to easily estimate disparity map of captured S3D footage in Adobe After Effects using YUVsoft Depth from Stereo Lite. Below is an initial stereo image: All we need to do is add Depth from Stereo plug-in to the composition with the initial stereo. The rest of the work will be done by the plug-in. Estimated disparity map is shown below. The tool used in this example is a part of Stereo Processing Suite Lite—a set of Adobe After Effects plug-ins for 3D-video processing and correction. A free trial version is available at the YUVsoft website. Prices for individual tools start at $149. Feel free to ask me any questions about Stereo Processing Suite Lite; I’ll be glad to answer them.
  2. YUVsoft is enriching its Stereo Generator (SG) with a new tool: Background Reconstruction. To highlight the release of the upgraded SG version, YUVsoft will be giving away SG licenses free of charge. Winning a free SG license and making your workflow easier and faster is simple. More details: http://www.yuvsoft.com/win-stereo-generator/
  3. Many typical conversion errors are easy and fast to fix without depth map correction and / or stereo painting. It’s also possible to reduce the volume of necessary clean plates. Look how to do it very easy with Stereo generator - just set parallax, screen play level and here you go!
  4. Hi! It's a 3D tutorial on Depth Propagation (DP) Tool of Yuvsoft 2D to 3D suite. Steve Wright gives an in-depth insight into highly automated depth map creation for foreground objects. As far as it’s better to see once than to read, watch an example, how to propagate depth, using only 3 key frames and 1 roto mask instead of 16, required by a traditional approach. It's possible to apply DP tool with NUKE and After Effects.
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