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  1. AE and C4D for the visuals. Audio created in Logic. I would like to thank XStockVideo for the TV noise footage, and their bizarre lack of search functionality which led me to the snail. This C4D->AE script saved some time. Thanks for watching; if in fact, you did press play.
  2. I was in the middle of a long overdue reel overhaul when I fell into the C4D -> AfterEffects dance. Importing an AEC to After Effects is painless enough. But then you go back to C4D and make some timing alterations, move some objects around, add some nulls, etc. Now you’re left with reimporting the AEC and copy pasting between comps. This script attempts to alleviate the pain. For more info and instruction, check out the blog post. I still have to clean up the code and layout a bit, but it's working on my side. As a side note, it works between any two comps, and is not limited to merging C4D imports. DOWNLOAD (right click / save link as) I'm hoping it cuts one Tylenol from the Mographer's diet.
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