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  1. Hi peeps! I'm Josep Bernaus animator based in London. I'm glad to present you Another Slice. It's a collection of funny sketches of random situations to eat when your mind is rumbling. I created a website with all the sketches or "slices" as I call them Check it out http://anotherslice.tv/ I also start a crowdfunding campaign to produce more sketches, the link is in the website I hope you like it, and don't miss the making of on the website! Thanks for your time! Josep
  2. Hey Dave, thank you very much for your comments! It's always good to hear nice things! The jokebox series was an interenting challenge, I was enacharged to make all the environments and motiongraphics for all the 1st season. You can check out at this link the environments http://cargocollective.com/josepbernaus/JOKEBOX-environments and the motiongraphics http://cargocollective.com/josepbernaus/JOKEBOX-motion
  3. Hi! Well, "I like to play "was my first exercise on 3d animation. You can check other 2d videos on my video account. I didn't make any course (animationmentor or Ianimate), but I've been asking a lot to my workmates for feedback. A lot! About the 2d stuff, I did it always with flash and then aftereffects to make it nicer.
  4. Haha! Thanks Aaron! You make me feel proud of myself!
  5. My animation reel as of Sep 2013. Check illustrations and more stuff at > josepbernaus.com
  6. The objective of this exercise is to play and learn animation Practicing the basics of the 3d and 2d animation, and play with colors and fx It's just a compilation of exercises ordered as cool as possible, without tryiing to explain a story I hope you like it! music "Play" by Kate Nash
  7. josepbernaus

    704 frames

    704 frames with no briefing, just for fun Music by: Billy Van - Blown Fuse
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