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  1. solid

    My First Tutorial

    Yus, great success
  2. solid

    My First Tutorial

    Hey guys, I made my first tutorial! Would be great if you could watch it and give feedback.
  3. hahahaha this is a great story! Good job man. PS Great reel!
  4. solid

    Behance Finally!

    The bat and tomato is cel animated. Cheers man!
  5. solid

    Behance Finally!

    I just recently decided to log back into my dormant Behance profile and posted with a fresh bunch of motion gifs https://www.behance.net/gallery/18777893/Misc-Gifs
  6. solid

    Another new site

    I know what you mean man. Fitting in side projects is the hardest thing for sure when working full time. I think your website serves its purpose. It has all the work at the forefront showing it off nicely. I also like the responsive gif playback on hover over. I do find looking at all the work quite full on on the home page because its all so tightly packed together, but I wouldn't say it's a big issue. You also have a decent amount of still shots from each piece which is good. All in all it looks like you've done a good job!
  7. Here is my latest bit of practice https://dribbble.com/shots/1652003-Tomato-VS-Bat-Cel-Animation?list=following&offset=1 Any feedback?
  8. Natural tutorial talent right thur. This series is sick! Cheers to Joe for posting these on motionographer too!
  9. solid


    Thought I may as well post up my Dribbble page here. Check it out, comment, whatevs. If anyone else here is on Dribbble, post a link! https://dribbble.com/akaManChild
  10. solid

    New Site/Reel

    Got some solid work in there man. I hope freelancing goes well for ya!
  11. solid

    Manchild 2014 Reel

    Awesome. Cheers for the feedback sbmotiondesign. I'll take that into account!
  12. solid

    Manchild 2014 Reel

    Huh thanks! That's a reply that definitely made my day. Cheers Vozzz
  13. Pretty stoked to get my latest reel out! I started doing this crazy awesome job in 2012 (school year) so this is my second reel ever. Some feedback would be sweet too.
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