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  1. me2please

    Motion Graphics

    This is a fun Motion Graphics project I worked on that is an explainer video for a freeway update in my area. Utah Video Productions
  2. me2please

    Law Firm Commercial

    Here is another animated law firm commercial created by Savvy Productions, a Utah Video Productions company
  3. me2please

    Animated Lawyer TV Commercial

    Here is an Animated Lawyer TV Commercial I was lucky enough to work on. Utah Video Production
  4. I'm not sure I understand what your question is? Do you just want people to look at your website? Utah Video Production
  5. me2please

    Main Title

    Looks good. Savvy Productions
  6. me2please

    Animated TV commercial

    This is an animated lawyer commercial that I worked on. Had a blast: Savvy Productions
  7. This is an After Effects Template I built: Savvy Productions
  8. me2please

    Showreel 2016

    I like how you kept the reel short and sweet. I thought the movie trailer vibe really matched your look as well. Savvy Productions
  9. me2please

    Animated Typography

    Dang, that looks like a lot of work. Good job! Savvy Productions
  10. me2please

    Last mograph reel

    Good use of editing to the music. Savvy Productions
  11. me2please

    Showreel #1

    Great job. I think you have a good body of work. It felt like it took to long to get into the title. I would shorten the first clip. It also felt like you ran out of work by the end and just started showing us stuff we have already seen. Just my two cents. Savvy Productions
  12. me2please

    Motion Graphics Corporate Video

    Here is a motion graphics video I did to explain what you should do and expect before applying for a loan at PRMI. https://vimeo.com/130232807 Corporate Video Productions
  13. me2please

    My newest Demo Reel

    Thanks for the advice, I'm at the point where I like everything too much and another set of eyes is very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to help me out. Savvy Productions
  14. me2please

    My newest Demo Reel

    If you had to remove a few shots from my reel which ones would you take out? Savvy Productions
  15. me2please

    My newest Demo Reel

    Check out my newest motion graphics reel and please let me know your thoughts: https://vimeo.com/131809214 Utah Video Productions