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  1. Check out my personal injury law firm commercial: Utah Video Productions
  2. Check out this motion graphics commercial that shows a new intersection in Utah: Utah Video Productions
  3. This motion graphics project has a line drawn look. It talks about how you can save the environment one ignition at a time. https://vimeo.com/249573077 Utah Motion Graphics
  4. This motion graphics project has a line drawn look. It talks about how you can save the environment one ignition at a time. https://vimeo.com/249571689 Utah Motion Graphics
  5. Do you have a body of work yet? The freelancers I hire, I hire based off of their reel. I feel like your work is the price of entry. For example, if you go to my Utah Video Productions website you can see the type of work I do. What I'm getting at is, if someone was looking for a company in Utah that did Video work and they landed on my site they could see. If what I do isn't the type of work they are looking for chances are they would move along.
  6. me2please

    iMac 2017

    The new iMac Pro rocks in my opinion. You don't need to max it out. I have a mid-level iMac Pro and it handles 8k footage for editing really well. AE moves much faster than my old computer as well. Utah Video Productions
  7. I love The Futur. Chris Do rocks! It is a great resource. Utah Video Productions
  8. Here is as cool one: Here is another one I built. You can see it from 5 seconds to 13 seconds: Utah Video Productions
  9. It looks like they still haven't gotten the mograph.com site off the ground yet. Hope it doesn't cause confusion. I love my motion graphics! Utah Video Productions
  10. No one cares if you went to school unless you are a teacher or work for the government. Everyone cares about your reel and experience. If you can go to college for free I say go. If you are going to drown in debt for it I would say away. I think you are way better off doing an internship from a company you highly respect. You will can some crazy skills and contacts. Best of luck, Utah Video Productions
  11. I think DG gave you a good range, keeping in mind people charge even more then what he suggested. I highly recommend you check out a YouTube channel called the futur. It is about the business of design and focuses on helping you charge even more for your work. You can see it here: The Futur Utah Video Productions
  12. me2please


    Have you started animating any of your graphic design work? If yes what software are you using? Utah Video Productions
  13. This is a 15 second TV spot I built for a health exchange commercial. It is an animated icon. Utah Video Productions
  14. Very creative! I bet this was a lot of fun to work on. Utah Video Productions
  15. This is a fun Motion Graphics project I worked on that is an explainer video for a freeway update in my area. Utah Video Productions
  16. Here is another animated law firm commercial created by Savvy Productions, a Utah Video Productions company
  17. Here is an Animated Lawyer TV Commercial I was lucky enough to work on. Utah Video Production
  18. I'm not sure I understand what your question is? Do you just want people to look at your website? Utah Video Production
  19. Looks good. Savvy Productions
  20. This is an animated lawyer commercial that I worked on. Had a blast: Savvy Productions
  21. This is an After Effects Template I built: Savvy Productions
  22. me2please

    Showreel 2016

    I like how you kept the reel short and sweet. I thought the movie trailer vibe really matched your look as well. Savvy Productions
  23. Dang, that looks like a lot of work. Good job! Savvy Productions
  24. Good use of editing to the music. Savvy Productions
  25. me2please

    Showreel #1

    Great job. I think you have a good body of work. It felt like it took to long to get into the title. I would shorten the first clip. It also felt like you ran out of work by the end and just started showing us stuff we have already seen. Just my two cents. Savvy Productions
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