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  1. I have only used it to build templates for Premiere and find it to be clunky, limited and slow. Often have problems importing the templates after building them as well. This is just based off using it for one project with limited problem solving so others might have more success. I can see the potential but found it lacklustre. - Using AE 2018
  2. Multipass for different passes and object buffers for whatever you want to have its own alpha channel. Save compositing project file and import the .aec into AE. (make sure you have the plugin supplied by maxon. Then use track mattes with the object buffers to cut things out.
  3. Particles/Geo in C4d comping in AE So I am looking to create a particle effect (let's say 3D spheres for now) over live action footage that will be tracked to the corner of an actor's eyes and will flow across their face and behind them and away with the wind (think like they are running and the particles are kind of simulating a flow of tears). I was wondering if anyone knows a good way to create geometry for shadow catching on the face without doing it manually. The face will be turning side to side within 45 degrees each way. The method I am planning on using is to build some rough 3D geo in c4d and manually animate it with the face just to use as a shadow catcher and object for particles to flow on - but would hope for something less time consuming. I was hoping to use AE facetracker and connect the points but it is 2D only. Any suggestions would be helpful! Planning on using native particles in c4d but might go x-particles if needed.
  4. Thos

    GTX 1080

    Well I was more curious about a general discussion, but I also will be upgrading my desktop in the near future to run an Oculus and was thinking about jumping on the Octane bandwagon as well. Current card is an ancient Radeon, about 4 years old can't recall the model number right now but it is in desperate need of updating. I was leaning towards waiting but shiny new hardware is always tempting, I will probably try to grab a 980 on the cheap(er) if prices drop and see how the 1080 pans out eventually working up to multiple cards if I go the Octane route. Good to know everyones thoughts.
  5. Thos

    GTX 1080

    Well for upgrading from my current card and getting one that will handle VR well. It's a significant cost and figured others might be in the same boat and want to discuss. Jerking off on it is optional and I have found it can damage the hardware.
  6. Thos

    GTX 1080

    Well who is hyped for this? To upgrade right away, or to wait for EVGA etc to release their build, or wait for ti version, or grab one (or more) very capable 980ti's on the cheap. Thoughts?
  7. Maintain offset can get pretty buggy, using nulls to do the offset seems to work better and priorities always seem to be an issue if you are not building a hierarchy.
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